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THINK2 - What it is

TH!NK2 Climate Change is a 3 month blogging competition with a focus on UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (COP15) in December 2009. Some 90 bloggers from 40 countries, including all 27 EU Member states, India, China, Brazil and the USA, the world's biggest players in climate policy, will come together on the European Journalism Centre's platform, to exchange ideas and debate the issues of climate change.

Participants are encouraged to report about stories in their own back yards; to bring out the local side of a global issue. The aim is to create a portal into the lives of the TH!NKers, to show how each one experiences the effects of Climate Change policies every day.

Once selected, all official participants will travel to Copenhagen, Denmark for a two-day launch event, all expenses paid for, jointly by the EJC and the European Commission. Denmark is renowned for its environmentally friendly initiatives and is also the host country of the UN Climate Change Conference. The FREE trip takes place the 21-22 September, 2009 and all participants must attend to be eligible as a TH!NKer. In Copenhagen, The EJC arms ALL participants with a Flip HD to help them include multimedia content to their blog posts.

The launch event will be a combination of seminars and workshops on the first day, with a visit to eco-sites around the country on the second day. Participants will also receive a FLIP camera and training on how to use the blogging tool at the launch event.

The competition will formally begin on 23 September and will end on 16 December at 12 noon CET. Participants must post at least three times every four weeks on the platform in order to stay in the competition. Each month 3 winners will be selected by an EJC Editorial board. The 3 categories for winners are: QUALITY, IMPACT and USE OF MULTIMEDIA:

QUALITY: Posts winning in the "Quality" category are posts which exhibit a command of journalistic techniques, including: independent research; use of a variety of sources; investigative techniques and strong writing.

IMPACT: Posts winning in the "Impact" category are posts which generate the most debate and discussion within the blogging platform during any given month. Authors are encouraged to respond to comments regularly in order to foster an interactive environment where readers feel they are a part of the platform as much as possible.

MULTIMEDIA: Each month one post will be selected for the best use of multimedia. Vlogs, audio podcasts, slideshows and photography are all forms of multimedia. At the launch event, TH!NKers will receive a portable HD Camera (FLIP) with training on how to best use it and edit the video, to ensure that everyone has a basic knowledge level from the beginning of the competition.

Some extra prizes will be announced throughout the competition, including three trips to Copenhagen to take part in the International Climate Summit in December. One overall winner will be selected at the competition's conclusion in December.