Tiziana Cauli - THINK ABOUT IT http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/index.php/think3/post TH!NK ABOUT IT #3 en krennie1@gmail.com Copyright 2012 2012-03-07T23:11:51+00:00 Tiziana Cauli - From th!nking to acting http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/from/ http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/from/#When:17:41:37Z Because we were not flown to Malaysia just to sit there and blog! Environment 2010-09-02T17:41:37+00:00 Tiziana Cauli - Covering development for an online news service http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/covering_development_for_an_online_news_service/ http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/covering_development_for_an_online_news_service/#When:20:08:26Z Reflections from a conference on online journalism in Kuala Lumpur. Part 2 Media 2010-08-30T20:08:26+00:00 Tiziana Cauli - Are we journos or are we activists? http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/are_we_journos_or_are_we_activists/ http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/are_we_journos_or_are_we_activists/#When:18:53:14Z Some reflections on a debate at Kuala Lumpur's conference on Online journalism Media 2010-08-30T18:53:14+00:00 Tiziana Cauli - Malaysia: the eastern version of a rainbow nation? http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/malaysia_the_eastern_version_of_a_rainbow_nation/ http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/malaysia_the_eastern_version_of_a_rainbow_nation/#When:14:06:53Z Malaysia's vibrant cultural diversity is adversised by the government as one among the country's main features and strengths. Does harmony also fit in the picture? Politics 2010-08-29T14:06:53+00:00 Tiziana Cauli - South Africa’s children: back to death now the party is over http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/south_africas_children_back_to_death_now_the_party_is_over/ http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/south_africas_children_back_to_death_now_the_party_is_over/#When:09:55:16Z South Africa's performance on the reduction of child mortality was poor in the past ten years. While we watched pictures of kids playing soccer on the streets before and during the World Cup, too many South African children were dying in silence from AIDS and other illnesses. Health 2010-07-29T09:55:16+00:00 Tiziana Cauli - International adoptions: swapping kids for iPods? http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/international_adoptions_swapping_kids_for_ipods/ http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/international_adoptions_swapping_kids_for_ipods/#When:12:41:39Z Minors living in conflict, emergency or poverty stricken areas are easy preys for organizations involved in child trafficking. Even when they are not kidnapped to be exploited as prostitutes or workers these kids are sometimes taken away from their families to be given to richer parents in developed countries. Human Rights 2010-06-17T12:41:39+00:00 Tiziana Cauli - Yemen: fighting gender inequality through women’s education http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/yemen_fighting_gender_inequality_through_womens_education/ http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/yemen_fighting_gender_inequality_through_womens_education/#When:10:50:56Z Early marriages are just one of the several forms of abuse Yemeni girls are victim of. Education plays a crucial role in their emancipation and a new government plan is paying families to send their daughters to school. Education 2010-06-10T10:50:56+00:00 Tiziana Cauli - Michelito the little “matador” http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/michelito_the_little_matador/ http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/michelito_the_little_matador/#When:12:10:08Z Can a cruel and violent show such as a bullfight become even more disturbing than it usually is? Yes, if the matador is a 12-year old boy like Michelito, a little hero for Latin America's corrida supporters. Human Rights 2010-06-08T12:10:08+00:00 Tiziana Cauli - Flying hospitals and clinics on wheels http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/flying_hospitals_and_clinics_on_wheels/ http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/flying_hospitals_and_clinics_on_wheels/#When:10:02:09Z Patients in the developing world often have to travel huge distances to reach clinics and hospitals for their basic health needs. Sometimes though, entire health structures can be flown or moved by train to where they are. Health 2010-06-07T10:02:09+00:00 Tiziana Cauli - Tackling women’s health in a Moroccan city http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/tackling_womens_health_in_a_moroccan_city/ http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/tackling_womens_health_in_a_moroccan_city/#When:14:50:18Z Sexual and reproductive health issues is still a taboo for many women in rural Morocco. An Italian organization helps them get the assistance they need as well as reach financial emancipation. Health 2010-05-31T14:50:18+00:00