Carla Cretan - THINK ABOUT IT TH!NK ABOUT IT #3 en Copyright 2012 2012-03-07T23:11:51+00:00 Carla Cretan - campaign-calling-on-world-leaders-to-fight-poverty-protect-human-right Human Rights 2010-04-25T22:07:38+00:00 Carla Cretan - Err, the Grand Western Odyssey, eh? What the hell is this annoying Grand Western Odyssey? Media 2010-04-25T20:27:18+00:00 Carla Cretan - Africa may have lost £1tn in illegal flows of money, researchers say More than £1tn may have flowed out of Africa illegally over the last four decades, most of it to western financial institutions, according to a new report. Politics 2010-04-25T19:32:58+00:00 Carla Cretan - Adopt 1 Jaguar +3 Horse Race in Mother of Parliaments International Tele-tigers ready to fight Politics 2010-04-25T19:14:20+00:00 Carla Cretan - DO NOT QUOTE WITHOUT PERMISSION Do Not Quote/Appropriate without References, please Media 2010-04-23T09:15:17+00:00 Carla Cretan - Tonight’s International - Watch more Grand Western Odyssey, baby! I went for a jog, I cleared my mind...(Dave Cameron, UK Conservative Party Leader, 22 April 2010) Politics 2010-04-22T12:24:49+00:00 Carla Cretan - NWSE Odyssey - Should we rely on the West to save the world? Isn't Tony Blair supposed to be busy sorting out the Middle East Peace Process?(Communist Party of Great Britain flying in Trafalgar Square demonstration, London, 10 April 2010) Politics 2010-04-21T18:26:35+00:00 Carla Cretan - The Grand Western Odyssey Part II - NWSE Impoverished Brits Finally Home The Brits successfully managed the unleashed forces of God’s nature (Sunset view from my London window, in the distance the MI5 and MI6 buildings) Tourism 2010-04-21T14:08:31+00:00 Carla Cretan - In UK election, voters in Afghanistan, Ghana and Bangladesh will also have a say Thousands of Britons are giving up their votes to people in the developing world in the 2010 election Politics 2010-04-21T00:21:30+00:00 Carla Cretan - The Grand Western Odyssey Part I - Naysaying West Seen from the East (NWSE) I bet, where you are, you envy the Western luxury! And you wish to be a Westerner yourself! Because you wish to have all the choices given to mankind. To fly unhindered above poor landscapes, and pay on credit cards for exotic sun-tanned international experiences. And to ask for compensations for distress if a volcano spoils your international fun! Let the Grand Western Odyssey begin... (A helicopter landed for unknown reasons in Cambridge Circus Square, London, 21Mar2010) Tourism 2010-04-20T17:55:48+00:00