Vihar Georgiev - THINK ABOUT IT TH!NK ABOUT IT #3 en Copyright 2012 2012-03-07T23:11:51+00:00 Vihar Georgiev - The Price of Complacency Local politicians, beware: unless you start taking climate change adaptation seriously, you will lose your job – one way or the other. This goes for China, too. Politics 2010-08-10T06:42:59+00:00 Vihar Georgiev - The Political Salience of the Burqa Ban There is a strong positive correlation between the percentage of Muslim population in Western countries and the support for the burqa ban. Politics 2010-07-22T13:10:41+00:00 Vihar Georgiev - The Rise of al-Shabab in the Horn of Africa The threat of larger instability in the Horn of Africa is quite apparent. Politics 2010-07-16T08:19:37+00:00 Vihar Georgiev - It’s the Financial Services, Stupid! Yes, microfinancing, Grameen and all that jazz. But it is not enough. Poverty 2010-07-01T15:21:58+00:00 Vihar Georgiev - Population Series 6: a Dark Scenario for the Future A really dark scenario for the future of the developing countries based not on science fiction, but on proper science instead. Any effort in the direction of finding working formulas for state stabilization should be supported, and urgently. Politics 2010-06-20T08:43:51+00:00 Vihar Georgiev - New Trouble in Kyrgyzstan The last few days brought new troubles for the small Central Asian country. The clashes were between the Kyrgyz majority and the Uzbek minority. Now the question is whether the Kyrgyz government can create strong institutions in the country, and fast. Politics 2010-06-13T08:20:34+00:00 Vihar Georgiev - Population Series 5: Environment without Resources So how are population growth and environment resources linked? What will happen when population reaches 9 billion or more in 2050? And, is it only about food? You are about to find out. Environment 2010-05-31T09:23:35+00:00 Vihar Georgiev - Population Series 4: the Window of Opportunity is Now Open Today many of the developing countries enter a very important period of demographic development. The failure to act on it can lead to rising unemployment, crumbling resources, and social unrest. Politics 2010-05-21T11:23:53+00:00 Vihar Georgiev - Will Kyrgyzstan Rise or Fall? Today the big question is whether the newly-born democratic movement will survive in Kyrgyzstan. In the long term its fate will be instrumental for the promotion of democracy in Central Asia. Politics 2010-05-18T10:36:16+00:00 Vihar Georgiev - Population Series 3: from Small Towns to Megaslums Urbanization is here to stay. More and more people in developing countries will become urbanites during the next decades – either by birth or migration. But the policies driving urbanization, the levels of capital investment, and the effective prevention of corruption will define the relative success or failure of this coping strategy. Poverty 2010-05-10T12:30:54+00:00