Iris Cecilia Gonzales - THINK ABOUT IT TH!NK ABOUT IT #3 en Copyright 2012 2012-03-07T23:11:51+00:00 Iris Cecilia Gonzales - Reporting from New Delhi, India A global summit on women empowerment is ongoing here, with MDG 3 taking center stage. Equality 2010-09-17T03:50:28+00:00 Iris Cecilia Gonzales - Life after MDGs: MDGs Plus Countries including the Philippines are expected to gear up for new development goals, dubbed as Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Plus during the upcoming United Nations Review, according to a United Nations official Hunger 2010-09-12T22:36:20+00:00 Iris Cecilia Gonzales - Philippines to miss three of eight Millennium Development Goals The Philippines launched its fourth progress report on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), conceding that some goals are likely to be missed. Poverty 2010-09-09T03:35:34+00:00 Iris Cecilia Gonzales - Malaysia Redux The TH!NK 3 trip in photos: stories, places and people Education 2010-08-30T22:22:18+00:00 Iris Cecilia Gonzales - Racing to the top for a few pesos In the Philippines, poverty-stricken communities find creative ways to earn money while having fun. Poverty 2010-08-29T07:47:04+00:00 Iris Cecilia Gonzales - Visiting the mangrove of Kuala Selangor, Malaysia A visit to the mangrove of Kuala Selangor in Malaysia gave me and fellow TH!NKERS the opportunity to do our share in protecting the environment. Environment 2010-08-24T07:55:03+00:00 Iris Cecilia Gonzales - Dateline Petaling Jaya I set foot on Petaling Jaya as one of the winners in THINK 3's round one of awards. Media 2010-08-15T06:16:16+00:00 Iris Cecilia Gonzales - Remembering a killer storm Almost a year ago, the Philippines suffered a similar fate as what Pakistan is going through right now. Mainly because of environmental degradation, large parts of the country experienced heavy floods, causing the deaths of hundreds of people. Environment 2010-08-02T00:09:11+00:00 Iris Cecilia Gonzales - Borek’s World This is a story of a child with Down Syndrome and his mother's unending journey for her son's survival in this world. Equality 2010-07-26T14:28:59+00:00 Iris Cecilia Gonzales - Fighting malaria, with one leaf at a time Palawan, a province in the southern Philippines, hopes to eradicate malaria by 2015 Health 2010-07-22T17:24:22+00:00