Ochieng Ogodo - THINK ABOUT IT http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/index.php/think3/post TH!NK ABOUT IT #3 en krennie1@gmail.com Copyright 2012 2012-03-07T23:11:51+00:00 Ochieng Ogodo - Climbing beans changing farmers’ fortunes in Rwanda http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/climbing_beans_changing_farmers_fortunes_in_rwanda/ http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/climbing_beans_changing_farmers_fortunes_in_rwanda/#When:06:45:29Z The beans variety does not only offer small scale farmers plenty of yield, but also allow farmers to use leaves, pods fresh grains and dry grains for food as well as source of income from sales. It is rather a seed of hope. Agriculture 2010-09-21T06:45:29+00:00 Ochieng Ogodo - Abducted, raped and made to suffer by Ugandan rebel soldiers http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/abducted_raped_and_made_to_suffer_by_ugandan_rebel_soldiers/ http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/abducted_raped_and_made_to_suffer_by_ugandan_rebel_soldiers/#When:07:05:07Z “War is bad, destructive. There are many skeletons out there of people who would still be alive were it not for this madness. If I could talk to Kony, I would ask him to surrender and bring this senseless maiming, killing and suffering to the people of northern Uganda to an end,” Crisis 2010-08-14T07:05:07+00:00 Ochieng Ogodo - Science journalism can still flourish despite difficulties http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/science_journalism_can_still_flourish_despite_difficulties/ http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/science_journalism_can_still_flourish_despite_difficulties/#When:17:43:41Z Difficulties not withstanding, science journalism is a segment worthy taking Media 2010-07-25T17:43:41+00:00 Ochieng Ogodo - Agriculture: Need for paradigm shift in Africa http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/agriculture_need_for_paradigm_shift_in_africa/ http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/agriculture_need_for_paradigm_shift_in_africa/#When:06:32:04Z Africa and the developing world must build their own biological, physical and chemistry sciences and use that knowledge at all levels of food and agricultural systems., Agriculture 2010-07-19T06:32:04+00:00 Ochieng Ogodo - Will Cancun restore faith and confidence in climate change negotiations? http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/will_cancun_restore_faith_and_confidence_in_climate_change_negotiations/ http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/will_cancun_restore_faith_and_confidence_in_climate_change_negotiations/#When:06:28:22Z As we move to COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico, the search for a new legally binding deal, led by the United Nations though the US argued could not be reached in Copenhagen and that there was need for more time to hammer appropriate agreement hence the need for political binding outcome will be one of the main issues. Environment 2010-07-19T06:28:22+00:00 Ochieng Ogodo - Depletion of African soils’ nutrients alarming, say expert http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/depletion_of_african_soils_nutrients_alarming_say_expert/ http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/depletion_of_african_soils_nutrients_alarming_say_expert/#When:11:04:35Z Agriculture is vital for economic development, poverty alleviation and basic food security, and with many spin-offs like processing of food and tree products for internal and external markets, Agriculture 2010-06-06T11:04:35+00:00 Ochieng Ogodo - Water and sanitation still a huge challenge in Africa http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/water_and_sanitation_still_a_huge_challenge_in_africa/ http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/water_and_sanitation_still_a_huge_challenge_in_africa/#When:19:22:59Z Provision of clean water and adequate sanitation is not only a fundamental human right but among measures of a country’s healthy living. However, inadequate provision of the two is still a huge problem in rural and urban Africa, especially in slums. Environment 2010-05-26T19:22:59+00:00