Ivan Ralchev - THINK ABOUT IT http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/index.php/think3/post TH!NK ABOUT IT #3 en krennie1@gmail.com Copyright 2012 2012-03-07T23:11:51+00:00 Ivan Ralchev - Get your hands dirty http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/get_your_hands_dirty/ http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/get_your_hands_dirty/#When:09:14:47Z I got on my bike, turned down the volume of the music playing in my ears and jumped on the pedals. The wind wasn't blowing in my direction, wasn't making it harder for me to ride the bike either. It just was there, playing with the vanes of the wind turbines. I could even hear the sound of it through my earphones. It made me happy. Crisis 2010-04-13T09:14:47+00:00 Ivan Ralchev - The story of William Kamkwamba who harnessed the wind http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/the_story_of_william_kamkwamba_who_harnessed_the_wind/ http://development.thinkaboutit.eu/think3/post/the_story_of_william_kamkwamba_who_harnessed_the_wind/#When:07:40:18Z He comes from Malawi, a state in the southeast part of Africa. Although his English is not very good, his sense of humour is fresh and touching. So is his story. Back in 2001 his nation was in a trouble. Drought threatened people in South Africa with starvation. He did not "accept this future". Technology 2010-03-27T07:40:18+00:00