Adriankoto Ratozamana - THINK ABOUT IT TH!NK ABOUT IT #3 en Copyright 2012 2012-03-07T23:11:51+00:00 Adriankoto Ratozamana - Uniting Nations For too long the Southern Hemisphere has been left off the map when it comes to Global events and creating a universal narrative. 11/11/11 is about to change that - as its purpose and objective is a focus's on inclusion and togetherness. Technology 2010-11-11T11:56:59+00:00 Adriankoto Ratozamana - $1 Million Bed, made out of Madagascar forest degradation. Illegal logging in Madagascar is causing environmental damage and contributing to climate change. The annual rate of forest loss in Madagascar is now estimated three times higher than that of Indonesia. Trade 2010-10-28T17:00:01+00:00 Adriankoto Ratozamana - Mr. Rabary Desiré established his own private conservation area in Madagascar and win a Prize Mr. Rabary Desiré, Malagasy Independent Conservationist , 2010 Seacology Prize , an award to help preserve the precious biodiversity and high endemism of Madagascar, as well as fight the ongoing battle against massive deforestation in the Island country. Environment 2010-10-26T06:40:53+00:00 Adriankoto Ratozamana - In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty… Access to drinking water in Madagascar has declined by 6 percent in the past two years amid the political crisis Environment 2010-10-22T05:04:51+00:00 Adriankoto Ratozamana - MDG+10: Is Madagascar concerned by the summit this time ? Developing World Vow to Win Struggle to Ensure Democracy, Peace, Development with Help of United Nations, Politics 2010-08-30T14:07:40+00:00 Adriankoto Ratozamana - Lesson from “water poor” environment Mother Nature has always provided us enough water Human Rights 2010-08-28T19:12:47+00:00 Adriankoto Ratozamana - MDGs3: The hen knows when it is dawn, but leaves it to the rooster to announce Attempting to meet the MDGs without promoting gender equality will both increase the costs and reduce the likelihood of attaining the goals Human Rights 2010-08-25T22:18:33+00:00 Adriankoto Ratozamana - What kind of world will be left for our children and grandchildren ? A stunning look at the world's most pressing problems through the eyes of nine Nobel laureates. NOBELITY is a documentary by Turk Pipkin Politics 2010-08-22T15:34:20+00:00 Adriankoto Ratozamana - MDG’s: The future we make On September 20, 2010, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and TED will be co-hosting TEDxChange, a chance to reflect on the Millennium Development Goals ten years in, and to look forward to where we’ll be. Technology 2010-08-18T11:31:14+00:00 Adriankoto Ratozamana - Calling for actions to consider reforestation - whether it’s necessary or not. The Atsinanana Rainforest in Madagascar, World Heritage Site since 2007, is now in danger, according to The United Nations' Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Environment 2010-08-17T09:15:06+00:00