Lucy Setian - THINK ABOUT IT TH!NK ABOUT IT #3 en Copyright 2012 2012-03-07T23:11:51+00:00 Lucy Setian - Do we deserve our human rights??? Before few seconds I decided to write this post. So, thank you Benno, my friend, for instigating me doing that! The second thing which I decided was to ask all of you what do you think the human rights are? And why exactly are they called HUMAN rights? We all know that one of the UN goals are exactly those rights..., after which one of our blogging categories is named. But I will add this topic under the category of equality. Because the reason to start it were the all living being rights. Every creature must have rights, not only the humans. Even more, we as those, who created the term, must be responsible for the defensing those, who cannot speak for themselves - the animals. Equality 2010-04-29T07:34:27+00:00 Lucy Setian - Who killed the Sun? Human without rights, a true Bulgarian-Armenian story Story of a Sun, who just stopped shining... Arevik, translated from Armenian, means sun. But who is Arevik? Human Rights 2010-04-20T14:49:56+00:00 Lucy Setian - Green and Rich in 7 minutes? Can you present your Green idea in 7 minutes? If the answer is yes, the Green Venture Summit 2010 offers all green startups looking for investors a free 7-minute pitch opportunity. If you are interested please email your offer to: Environment 2010-04-13T19:09:29+00:00 Lucy Setian - Culture for the Human rights As I met Cornelia Pieper, the Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, I thought to myself that I will hear the same old abstract political speach. However, I was wrong that Ms. Pieper will be abstract about the relations of Germany to China. As she told us that the cooperation with China includes mainly cultural partnership then I figured out what she really wanted to explain us. Human Rights 2010-04-13T13:48:26+00:00 Lucy Setian - test test Agriculture 2010-03-30T13:25:40+00:00