Lara Smallman - THINK ABOUT IT TH!NK ABOUT IT #3 en Copyright 2012 2012-03-07T23:11:51+00:00 Lara Smallman - The Success Stories When development does get coverage, it usually comes in the form of a large serving of doom and gloom. Well, not last night... Aid 2010-10-19T13:34:45+00:00 Lara Smallman - Time to stop vegging out? We're eating exotic fruit and vegetables as though they were going out of fashion. With water pollution and shortages, is it time to stop vegging out? Agriculture 2010-10-01T10:14:35+00:00 Lara Smallman - Just a gimmick? The business of international development is about as serious as it gets. Why then is it turning into one big gimmick? Media 2010-09-29T17:45:01+00:00 Lara Smallman - Why all eyes should not be on the summit Today is the start of the main event, the MDG review summit. But I must admit, tomorrow, my mind won't be entirely focussed on day two's proceedings in NYC... Politics 2010-09-20T08:38:52+00:00 Lara Smallman - Is Kenya’s green dollar as good as it seems? 80% of Kenyans are employed in agriculture, making it crucial to the country's economy. But whilst buying their exports sustains livelihoods, it's not always an altogether ethical purchase... Agriculture 2010-09-16T09:40:14+00:00 Lara Smallman - War and Peace And no, I'm not talking about the 1,225 page novel by Tolstoy... Crisis 2010-09-11T09:23:10+00:00 Lara Smallman - To convert or not to convert? That is the question. (Findings from Malaysia trip) Call it what you will, incentives, rewards or just a helping hand, Malaysia's indigenous people are flooded with offers of help. But just as the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch... Human Rights 2010-08-28T17:11:48+00:00 Lara Smallman - Have we forgotten the most important thing of all? We've queried and questioned left, right and centre. But there's one thing we've failed to do - analyse the body that monitors the goals designed to turn developing countries around. Politics 2010-07-30T16:37:05+00:00 Lara Smallman - The problem is ours, not theirs Reflecting on disadvantage, most people see only limitations. If only we took a little time, patience and imagination... Equality 2010-07-20T09:52:05+00:00 Lara Smallman - Tradition vs. modernity: Reporting from Morocco For a developing country, striking a comfortable balance between moving forwards, and not losing touch with the past, is no mean feat. I went to Fez, Morocco, to experience an altogether less hi-tech way of life, and to find out about the challenges that face those determined to keep it that way: Environment 2010-07-02T20:21:39+00:00