Robert Stefanicki - THINK ABOUT IT TH!NK ABOUT IT #3 en Copyright 2012 2012-03-07T23:11:51+00:00 Robert Stefanicki - Malaysia Th!nk3 Photoblog Everything has already been said about this trip. Click if you want to see some pictures. Media 2010-08-26T14:53:53+00:00 Robert Stefanicki - Okay, now you can DO something Make your silent heros famous, and their example followed. Only through August 1. Media 2010-07-15T10:29:08+00:00 Robert Stefanicki - Waterfall for Rio Some examples of interesting, brand new architectural projects for implementation in the near future. Technology 2010-07-15T09:00:31+00:00 Robert Stefanicki - Scapegoating Humanity have been using scapegoats for ever, as an effective way to shift the blame and appease the public opinion. But what are our usual culprits? Politics 2010-06-27T17:16:31+00:00 Robert Stefanicki - BHUTAN: Paradise not lost (yet) Thanks to alternative attitude to tourism, Bhutan remains one of the most unreachable and least destroyed countries in the world. But its government wants to quadruple the number of visitors by 2012. Tourism 2010-06-20T13:04:13+00:00 Robert Stefanicki - Aid & MDGs: End the illusion Sad, but true: MDGs and aid targets are not achievable. Wouldn’t it better to lower them to the realistic levels – and meet them, instead of blushing that we can’t? Aid 2010-06-10T15:18:30+00:00 Robert Stefanicki - Can you tell a joke from reality? We live in such an absurd world, that this may be problematic. Just try. Media 2010-06-07T09:03:07+00:00 Robert Stefanicki - Skyscraper for Darfur Sustainable development is a challenge for architects too. A few examples. Technology 2010-05-30T17:30:43+00:00 Robert Stefanicki - Can authoritarianism save the Earth? Any meaningful response to global warming can not be achieved from within the modern democracies of the western world. True or false? Politics 2010-05-19T11:41:01+00:00 Robert Stefanicki - Meet the coolest man in China ... or how to make a prince out of a beggar (practical guide). Media 2010-05-14T10:26:47+00:00