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Stefan Nikolic
Student (Nis, Serbia)

I am (still) a high school student looking for a college to go to and study international relations... Being (still only) a high school student has brought me so many amazing opportunities such as the Youth in Action or Pestalozzi Children Foundation programs to attend different exchanges and seminars throughout the world which has helped me rich a part of my goal, which would be to connect and share experiences and promote peace and tolerance among diverse communities... I am an A-SMYLE alumnus and the Regional Representative of the A-SMYLE (American-Serbia & Montenegro Youth Leadership Exchange) program sponsored by the American Councils for International Education and the U.S. Department of State which make me proud to be able to work with other program alumni and help making change-making projects... Speaking of change, I am also a Global Changemaker alumni sponsored by the British Council which allowed me to connect with 60 amazing people from all over the world... Finally, I can proudly say that I am a TH!NKer! Thank you all for that!

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