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Viviana Maria Salsi
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Johanna Puustinen
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Stefan May
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Nicola Limodio
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Emiljano Kaziaj Student
I am a master student on PR at the university of Tirana. I am graduated injournalism on 2007. this blogg will give me the opportunity to share my ideas and thoughts, to everyone…
Albanian 1 posts
Thimi Samarxhiu Journalist
Actually studying Science Communication-Journalism in the third year at UFO University Experience of Work: November 2004-January 2006 speaker at Radio Stinët 106.6 MHZ; July…
Albanian 18 posts
Perry Graham Student
Student, activist, musician, and poet. I will be graduating from Virginia Tech this year with of Bachelor of Science in environmental policy and planning and a minor in mathematics.…
American 8 posts
Bill Hinchberger Journalist, consultant and media entrepreneur
Bill Hinchberger is a freelance writer and the principal of Hinchberger Consulting, with offices in France and Brazil. He is also the founding editor of, an…
American 24 posts
Maria Kuecken Graduate Student
Economist-in-training at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Previously directed educational projects in Rwanda. Currently developing a web platform to promote responsible…
American 14 posts
Kevin Rennie Citizen journalist, Teacher (retired),Volunteer
I am a retired secondary teacher and unionist. I have been an Australian Labor Party member since 1972. After teaching in Victorian schools from 1975, I spent 8 years teaching…
Australian 122 posts
Georg Pichler Student
This is where I'm going to write my biography.
Austrian 0 posts
Hanna Clarys Student
Current Study: Political Sciences at Antwerp University. Likes: reading, writing and drawing. Activities: discovering the world step by step. Dream: becoming a war journalist…
Belgian 21 posts
Mirza Softic Web Journalist
I am a freelance journalist with interest in politics, NGOs, marketing and management. A euro sceptic, but love to travel across Europe :). I am planning to set up a hostel…
Bosnian 43 posts
Luan Galani Science & Development Journalist
A twenty-something eternal apprentice who has a passionate interest in what happens around him. Fascinated by the under-reported, he refuses to be a detached observer and…
Brazilian 41 posts
Andrew Burgess Journalist and EU Blogger
European citizen with a well-used UK passport.

A graduate in French, Journalism and European Politics from universities in both France…
British 26 posts
Jodi Bush PhD Student
I've had a longstanding interest in human rights, socio-economic development and the environment, and am currently undertaking my PhD in politics at the London School of Economics.
British 16 posts
Mark Grassi Trainee Journalist, world citizen
In the real world, I am involved with Travellingbug, a student-led project to enable sustainable development through microfinance. I recently graduated from the College of…
British 17 posts
Justin Mottershead recent graduate
I started blogging around a year ago although have only taken it (slightly) seriously for the past few months. I usually blog about football so am hoping to use this platfrom…
British 26 posts
Lara Smallman Campaigner, film-maker, blogger
Self-taught film-maker interested in exploring human rights issues. See more on
British 78 posts
Ian Sullivan Campaigner Oxfam GB
I am a campaigner on development issues. I'm interested in how we can bridge the divide between the policies and the people.
British 29 posts
Georgi Bacharov Freelance journalist
This is where I'm going to write my biography.
Bulgarian 4 posts
Vihar Georgiev PhD Student
I am a PhD student at the European Studies Department at the Philosophy Faculty of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. I graduated as Master of Law from the Law Faculty…
Bulgarian 14 posts
Martina Petkova Student
I am Martina Petkova, originally from Bulgaria (Sofia) 20 years old, studying in The Hague University (The Hague, NL) - European Studies (bachelor). My interests and passions…
Bulgarian 9 posts
Ivan Ralchev Student
I am 24 years old boy from Bulgaria. I am an unbreakable idealist. I study International Marketing and Brand Management at Lund University in Sweden and I have a passion for…
Bulgarian 2 posts
Lucy Setian Media Specialist, Editor
Engineer, new media specialist, journalist, blogger, green, traveller.
Bulgarian 5 posts
Ivaylo Vasilev student
check out my stuff
Bulgarian 3 posts
Ahmed ElAmin Journalist
I started my life as a hack covering development projects for street children in Brazil; ended up teaching at a high school in Botswana; barged around the Kalahari reporting…
Canadian 11 posts
Andy Yee Postgraduate Student
Andy Yee is a writer, blogger and translator based in Hong Kong. Educated at SOAS and Cambridge University, he has worked at the EU Delegation to China in Beijing. He writes…
Chinese 10 posts
Ladislav Kudlacek Education project manager
Political Scientist and Economist. I worked for human rights and humanitarian NGO in India and for international NGO People in Need based in the Czech Republic as a Programme…
Czech 21 posts
Radka Lankasova Coach
I am a coach & HR consultant and also a keen blogger with interest in the world around me, especially sustainability and education. I will try to write about things I consider…
Czech 64 posts
Tomas Lindner Journalist
This is where I'm going to write my biography.
Czech 0 posts
Jan Marcinek Filmmaker, writer and student again
I am deaf and my destiny is to write what I see, because I can not hear. I come from Prague (City of writer Franz Kafka) I studied Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek…
Czech 39 posts
Jaromir Marek Foreign desk reporter
This is where I'm going to write my biography.
Czech 0 posts
Thomas Estrup Journalism student
This is where I'm going to write my biography.
Danish 0 posts
Benno Hansen Patent Assistant

Focusing on our bright green future, environmental sustainability, global partnership and climate change.

MSc degree in horticulture from Copenhagen University,…

Danish 52 posts
Bjarne Anton Staehr Consultant for Save the Children International, Danish Red Cross.
I have a Master in Social science and Psychology and Social Welfare Studies from Roskilde University Centre (RUC) - Social psychology, personality psychology, developmental…
Danish 3 posts
Wouter Dijkstra ICT4Development researcher
Personal: Wouter Dijkstra is a Social Scientist, interested in the use of new and old media to strengthen public debate and mechanisms of accountability in Africa. With degrees…
Dutch 12 posts
Bart Knols Medical Entomologist
Bart G.J. Knols (1965) is the Managing Director of MalariaWorld, the world's first scientific and social network for malaria professionals.…
Dutch 21 posts
Johan Knols Blogger, safari specialist, professional wildlife guide
Johan Knols is the owner of the planyoursafari blog. He studied tourism in the Netherlands and has been working in the African tourism…
Dutch 22 posts
Hieke van der Vaart Student
Traveller, student, journalist, camera woman, amateur snapshooter, professional cityhopper.
Dutch 20 posts
Floor Verbeek Communications Coordinator
Floor holds a Masters degree in Translation, which she tries to put to use in her job as a Communications Coordinator with BRAC in Liberia (and occasionally, but not frequently…
Dutch 4 posts
Andrei Tuch IT/translator
Technical writer, freelance translator, occasional journalist, all too rarely blogger, wannabe exegete.
Estonian 21 posts
Aija Vanaga Office manager in the Business incubator
Personality. Seeker. Passion. Questions. On the way to find my place in the world.
European (Latvian) 27 posts
Iris Cecilia Gonzales journalist
I work as a reporter for the Philippine Star, a Manila daily. At present, I cover the Department of Finance beat but I also write other stories here and there. I'm also a…
Filipino 57 posts
Avigail Olarte Journalist
I'm a Filipino freelance writer and researcher based in Manila.
Filipino 1 posts
Elisa Koponen Journalist
Finnish 1 posts
Muusa Kostilainen Student (journalism, international relations, languages, graphic design)
Reducing extreme poverty around the world, giving information and promoting human rights is important. I think Dalai Lama was right when he said: "Today, more than ever before,…
Finnish 32 posts
Liisa Leeve Journalism Student
I'm a journalism student from Helsinki Finland. My special interest in this competition is to discuss issues related to the empowerment of women.
Finnish 11 posts
John Felix Peter Siivonen Journalism Student
I’m a 3rd year journalism student in Helsinki, working as an all-arounder: writing, photographing, illustrating. I’m curious, open-minded, increasingly becoming more and…
Finnish 3 posts
Pierre-Anthony Canovas Student
Travel-addict and news junky, sociable and curious, wishing to become a reporter specialized in international issues ... this is the short bio. For the longer one, Pierre…
French 6 posts
Tania Rabesandratana Journalist
Multilingual science writer with itchy feet and wide interests.
French 7 posts
Esra Guner Student
This is where I'm going to write my biography.
German 0 posts
Joanna Papageorgiou Data Analyst
I work as a researcher into higher education and have an interest in politics, media and statistics. I am currently training to run the London Marathon for the charity Global…
Greek 4 posts
Oszkar Lovas Student
Hungarian 4 posts
Asza Valdimarsdottir Stringer
Born in Iceland, raised in Malaysia and Thailand. Did an Undergraduate degree in English Literature in Ontario, Canada and an MA in International Broadcast Journalism in London,…
Icelandic 25 posts
Hemant Jain Writer, designer
I am a writer and illustrator. I like to tell stories about the world I live in and keep a tab on India's environmental crimes here:
Indian 21 posts
Anindita Nayak Student
Indian 1 posts
Abishek Nayak Student
I'm currently a student at BITS-Pilani, India. I'm excited by sustainable development solutions and will be covering such solutions here.
Indian 0 posts
Iman Rajabzadeh PhD Researcher
This is where I'm going to write my biography.
Iranian 0 posts
Clare Herbert Development Consultant
I am a development consultant and educator, blogger and writer. My background is in communications, non-profit management and political work. My interest in international…
Irish 43 posts
Julie Kavanagh Communication
This is where I'm going to write my biography.
Irish 0 posts
Alessandra Briganti Postgraduate student
This is where I'm going to write my biography.
Italian 0 posts
Tiziana Cauli Journalist
I am a London-based Italian journalist currently covering the property market in Europe, but with a strong background and interest in development issues. I graduated in a…
Italian 25 posts
Guido Romeo Reporter
Full time reporter since 1997, Guido Romeo contributes regularly to "Il Sole 24Ore", the main Italian business daily, "Vogue Italy" and "Focus". On behalf of the European…
Italian 2 posts
Hussam Hussein Reseracher
Hi and thanks for visiting my profile :) My name is Hussam, I'm a blogger-researcher-journalist, member of the European Youth Press’ Middle East and North Africa Committee…
Italian / Jordanian 66 posts
Sholpan Gabbassova Student
Currently I am a last year student of Kazakh-British Technical University, obtaining my BSc of IT degree in June 2010. I work as a volunteer journalist for my university's…
Kazakhstani 0 posts
Ochieng Ogodo Journalist
Ochieng' Ogodo is the Sub-Saharan Africa News Editor for Science and Development Network ( He is a Kenyan science journalist writing for local and international…
Kenyan 16 posts
Edgars Skvariks Journalist
Journalist; Latvia coordinator.
Latvian 0 posts
Andrius Rudeiciukas Student
Im just a simple working class representative, whose opinion is that his opinion must be disclosed
Lithuanian 8 posts
Domantas Sirvinskas Student
This is where I'm going to write my biography.
Lithuanian 0 posts
Giedre Steikunaite Student
Currently an editorial intern at the New Internationalist magazine ("The people, the ideas, the action in the fight for global justice"), I'm studying journalism and contemporary…
Lithuanian 37 posts
Adriankoto Ratozamana Cyber activist, eco-entrepreneur, citizen journalist
Harinjaka Andriankoto RATOZAMANANA is a blogger, Observer, TH!NKer and Successful entrepreneur based in Antananarivo. In 2007 his work caught the attention of senior management…
Malagasy 26 posts
Susan Tam Journalist and communicator
A somewhat fidgety journalist and communicator, who has trouble sitting idle, is grateful for a profession that does not permit her to do so. Loves to communicate, make new…
Malaysian 9 posts
Andre Vella Student
Although I still consider myself experimenting with my blog, I am very happy to take part in this competition. I do my best to make most of this experience. Happy blogging…
Maltese 2 posts
Jacques René Zammit Lawyer/Advocate
Maltese 8 posts
Andrea Arzaba Student / Blogger
Andrea Arzaba defines herself as a “journalist, peace activist, indigenous cultures lover and an eager world traveller”. Currently, blogger for Global Voices Online and…
Mexican 80 posts
Elie Smilovitz Journalist
This is where I'm going to write my biography.
Mexican 14 posts
Tomas Moe Skjølsvold PhD Candidate
PhD Candidate at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, working on issues related to renewable energy, sustainable development avd climate change from a social…
Norwegian 4 posts
Amund Trellevik Student
This is where I'm going to write my biography.
Norwegian 0 posts
Iwona Frydryszak NGOs manager
Polish 60 posts
Helena Goldon NGO Consultant, Programmes Department/Journalist A change agent. Main focus: people. Writes based on her experience as a freelance correspondent for the Polish Radio - from Uganda, Zambia, Lebanon, and…
Polish 27 posts
Sylwia Presley Social Media Consultant
Always interested in social media, the 2010 web, marketing, photography and design, activism, domestic abuse, currently focussed studying for CIM Marketing Diploma in Oxford…
Polish 51 posts
Robert Stefanicki Journalist
Old salt international affairs writer. At present freelance (looking for a job!), most of his professional life worked for the largest daily in Poland. Focused on Asia and…
Polish 21 posts
Gosia Smieszek Student
Polish 9 posts
Dynka Amorim Student
This is where I'm going to write my biography.
Portuguese 0 posts
Ana Silva Student
Undergraduate student of International Relations, with special interest on gender studies, European Union, international organisations and theories of IR, among other things.…
Portuguese 8 posts
Cristian Butuman Development co-operation consultant
This is where I'm going to write my biography.
Romanian 0 posts
Raul Cazan Environmental Journalist, 2Celsius Network
For two years, Raul was the Editor-in-Chief of the only Romanian environmental magazine, Green Report, a product among few of the kind in Eastern Europe. Beyond his Law degree…
Romanian 46 posts
Carla Cretan Researcher/ Writer
Writing the project 'Naysaying WEST Seen From EAST' (NWSE). A former foreign correspondent reporting from EU Parliament Strasbourg, and other bleak dark tiny European spots…
Romanian 10 posts
Anca Gheorghica campaigner for a local NGO , PhD student in Economics
On October 2008 after completing a Master Degree in Human Ecology at Vrije Universiteit Brussels, I returned in my home town - Iasi, Romania where I set up the base for a…
Romanian 2 posts
Lavinia Manea Student
Romanian 0 posts
Carmen Paun Secretary General European Youth Press
Carmen has a BA in journalism, public relations and advertising and a MA in European Studies. She has worked for a printed magazine and took part in media projects all over…
Romanian 11 posts
Vladimir Kozlovsky Journalist
Russian 0 posts
Stefan Nikolic Student
I am (still) a high school student looking for a college to go to and study international relations... Being (still only) a high school student has brought me so many amazing…
Serbian 3 posts
Larisa Rankovic Media analyst and researcher
Media researcher and analyst. Living in Belgrade, Serbia.
Serbian 40 posts
Dragan Stojanovski Software Engineer
This is where I'm going to write my biography.
Serbian 0 posts
Radovana Jagrikova Student
Young journalism graduate interested in what is going on around her and around the world, enjoying thinking about it, and ready to comment on it.
Slovak 6 posts
Jana Cavojska photojournalist and writing reporter
Lawyer by education, photojournalist and writing reporter now. Working for the best sold Slovak weekly magazine Plus7dni and occasionaly also for another weekly and monthly…
Slovak 21 posts
Elsje Fourie Doctoral candidate
I'm a South African PhD student living in Italy and the UK, and looking at African perspectives on China and India's development. Before undertaking my doctoral studies, I…
South African 9 posts
Daniel Nylin Nilsson Teacher
I am a dyed-in-the-wool blogger from Sweden, with a few years of experience from Southeastern Europe. I have no journalistic training per se, but on the other hand blogging…
Swedish 25 posts
Marianne Diaz Writer, Lawyer, Activist
Venezuelan lawyer and fiction writer. Blogger for Amnesty International on Human Rights issues. Author for Global Voices Advocacy. Interested in gender, poverty and work issues,…
Venezuelan 21 posts