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New U.N. Campaign Pushes EU Leaders to Take Action

Published 09th June 2010 - 3 comments - 3005 views -

Many TH!NK3-ers have anxiously asked the readers of this platform: “What can I do to help?”.

This question usually follows some sort of confession – either of frustration at politicians or world leaders, personal guilt, or persistent feelings of apathy.


And indeed, apathy has tempted many of you – from the posts on this platform so far, it's easy to see that politics tend to take the wind out of your sails and seeing real action can often feel a long-way off.

To get your spirits sprinting again, The U.N. has a recently launched a new initative to remind everyone that it is possible (and easy) to take part in the work being done on the road to 2015.

The latest one is aimed at European citizens.

On 18 June, during the Spanish Presidency of the EU Council, European leaders will meet to decide and agree upon on the European position.

This formal agreement will be officially presented at the United Nations Summit in New York on 20-22 September, the occasion for world leaders to meet ten years after their initial signing of the Millennium Development Goals – which three TH!NKers will attend!

Make them deliver! Take action!

Write to your elected leader, with copy to Prime Minister José Luis Rodrìguez Zapatero of Spain, which is currently holding the rotating Presidency of the EU Council, asking him/her to outline binding deadlines to increase aid and improve its effectiveness.

The U.N.'s "United Against Poverty" campaign asks all European Citizens to log-on and send your MEP a letter urging them to take the reigns and demand action on the road to End Poverty and reach the MDGs!

You can easily send a letter here (just click below)!


  • Johan Knols on 10th June 2010:

    We have a problem in the Netherlands. As of yesterday’s election Prime Minister J.P Balkende is no more. Unfortunately it will take several months before we know who will be the new PM.

  • Ian Sullivan on 11th June 2010:

    Interesting that the target is MEPs - do people think this is more appropriate than targetting national leaders??

  • Robert Stefanicki on 11th June 2010:

    @Johan: Apparently you did not read to the end: There are no excuses!

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