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  • Ruth Spencer (EJC)
    Ruth Spencer is a journalist, Editor, producer and hails from Montreal, Canada. She has worked for the European Journalism Centre since September 2008 and has edited all three rounds of TH!NK ABOUT IT. She has production experience in print media, theatre and broadcast television. She tweets via @thinkteam and is currently based in Toronto.
  • Guy Degen
    Guy Degen is an Australian freelance journalist and is based in Germany. He travels widely contributing stories to international broadcasters and is regularly commissioned by UN agencies as a multimedia producer. Guy writes for the Frontline Club blog and tweets via @fieldreports. Guy also trains journalists in multimedia skills and mobile journalism.


The Evolution Continues!

Published 02nd October 2010 - 22 comments - 6309 views -

A new phase of TH!NK ABOUT IT is about to unfold. There will be changes, big and small, on the horizon, as TH!NK ABOUT IT gears up for its next evolution.

First, a new Editor-in-Chief will be leading the charge. Johan Knols, of TH!NK3: Developing World will be taking the reigns as the Editor-in-Chief of the project. Congrats Johan!

Second, we are relaunching TH!NK2: Climate Change on 4th October, 2010 at

For the first time in TH!NK history, competition will be open to everyone and will run from 4th October to 15th December, 2010 in the lead-up to COP16. Click here to SIGN UP!

TH!NK3: Developing World will continue to remain as a blog platform and you can stay blogging.

Stay tuned for more details as they unfold.......We hope to see you also in the new competition!


Finally, the 15 winners of the finale trip to Africa are being announced here on the platform.

The jury, lead by Anne Autio, the EJC Deputy Director refered to the TH!NK3 guidelines when making their very difficult decisions on the winners.

They are:

  1. Sylwia Presley
  2. Heike van der Vaart
  3. Bart Knols
  4. Helena Goldon
  5. Marianne Diaz
  6. Bill Hinchberger
  7. Hussam Hussein
  8. Iwona Frydryszak
  9. Radka Lankasova
  10. Jan Marcinek
  11. Benno Hansen
  12. Mirza Softic
  13. Hanna Clarys
  14. Edgars Skvariks
  15. Muusa Kostilainen


The lucky winners will travel to Kenya on an exclusive reporting trip, which will include:

1) Visits to Dutch-funded projects in and around Nairobi

2) Visit at the very first Millennium Village which is in Kisumu. The trip will be 5-full days (excl. travel time) on 31st January- 4th February 2011. The EJC covers flights, accommodation and meals for entire trip.

Congrats again to all the winners! Please contact Rina Tsubaki for further details.


As for me, I'm beginning my Master's in NYC this fall at New York University. I've been working on TH!NK ABOUT IT since the project's birth in 2008 and I'm so proud of what we've done so far. The community has grown into a strong network of active, engaged people. We've had important discussions. We've produced important stories. We've traveled together around the world and now we're a global force.

To get a sense of how far we've actually come (and the different identities this project has taken on, check out what TH!NK1 looked like here). There were drastic changes from one TH!NK to the next, and there's no telling what's coming up this year, so with that I wish everyone luck and another congrats for Johan!

All the best,



  • Johan Knols on 02nd October 2010:

    Hello Ruth,

    I would like to thank you for all the hard work you have been doing over the years for the TH!NK competitions.
    From TH!NK1 till now, a long distance has been covered indeed and I will do my utmost, as your successor, to keep the TH!NK-vibe alive and to look after it with my fullest dedication.
    I wish you a lot of success with your Master’s and I would be proud if we once in a while see a new article from you on one of the platforms.

    Stay well and good luck for the future.


  • Hieke van der Vaart on 02nd October 2010:

    Wow! I’m thrilled grin

    Congrats to all and see you in Kenya! FTW. Ruth, all the best in the future!

  • Luan Galani on 02nd October 2010:

    Guys, congratulations! You all deserve it. Make the most out of it.

    Johan, congrats fellow. Best of luck.

    And it would be remiss of me not to offer Ruth all the best. So, thank you so much for all and good luck with your Master’s.

  • Hanna Clarys on 02nd October 2010:

    Soooooooo surprised! AND EXCITED!
    Thanks for this amazing opportunity, Think 3!!

    And congratulations for my fellow-winners too!!

  • Ivaylo Vasilev on 02nd October 2010:

    Cool. Good luck guys!

  • Helena Goldon on 02nd October 2010:

    Wow! Great news!
    I am (half) thrilled - I hope it’s myself and my name is just misspelled? smile

    Big thanks for this opportunity to the organisers and to all of the fellow-bloggers. I have learnt a lot from your posts. Anne and Ruth - Congratulations for indeed making us a global force! Johan, man, congrats and fingers crossed! smile

  • Mirza Softic on 02nd October 2010:

    Hey people!

    I am so happy from this morning, because of this smile.

    Ruth, all the best in NY, remember us sometimes and write something!

    Who’s going with us and how many people will be there? I guess editors and all of us. Can’t wait…

  • Bart Knols on 03rd October 2010:

    For me this is rather funny, as I have been working and living in Kenya for 5 years, of which 3 in the Kisumu area where we will all go…

    Nevertheless, a great opportunity and a very different trip from my usual trips to Africa I guess. This is great.

    Thanks Ruth, for all your support. I will keep an eye on your successor to make sure that he does a good job, Ha!

  • Larisa Rankovic on 03rd October 2010:

    Congratulations to all of you for the success achieved, and for the opportunities ahead of you

  • Hussam Hussein on 04th October 2010:

    Thanks and congratulations to all my fellow Thinkers as well as to Johan, you deserve it! smile
    Looking forward to this unique experience!!! And thanks Ruth and to all the organizers for your work!

  • Benno Hansen on 04th October 2010:

    Thanks, congrats…

    The reason the link at my name in the list of winners doesn’t work is it misses a ‘2’ at the end. In TH!NK2 I was ‘hansen’, in TH!NK3 I am ‘hansen2’. Only now, as I write this, I realize the TH!NK2 has been changed to TH!NK4 - now I was and am ‘hansen’ at TH!NK4, it seems. Guess I better go through my inbound links an feed aggregator to check if anything is broken then…

    But why does the list of bloggers say most of us wrote zero articles now!? That really weird!

    Also, new people are popping up at TH!NK3, right? Who are they? Where is the introduction?

  • Bill Hinchberger on 07th October 2010:

    This is a pleasant surprise. Thank you.

  • Andrea Arzaba on 09th October 2010:

    I am so happy four you guys smile CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

  • Clare Herbert on 16th October 2010:

    Congrats to all the winners. And thanks to you Ruth for all your work.

  • Kevin Rennie on 21st October 2010:

    Congratulations everyone! It will be a fantastic adventure. (This is a bit late because we’ve been bush for 3 weeks. Essentially net free! Highly recommend it.

  • Sylwia Presley on 22nd October 2010:

    Really privileged to be in this team! Thank you!

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