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Ready and TH!NKing ABOUT IT

Published 20th January 2009 -

Maastricht - January 20, 2009

Travelling from every member state of the European Union, 81 bloggers will come together in Brussels on 26 January to kick off the first Europe-wide blogging competition, TH!NK ABOUT IT.

The two-day launch event kicks off a blogging competition running until the European Parliamentary Elections in June. TH!NK ABOUT IT will host bloggers from each EU member state in a forum alive with debate and discussion - a dynamic online community of bloggers, journalists and journalism students sharing their thoughts on the EU and the upcoming European elections.

The bloggers, all individually invited and registered, are asked to cover, report, critique and debate on campaign issues and candidates. The goal is to get Europeans to TH!NK ABOUT IT and to express their views on Europe.

At the kickoff, invitees are briefed on the European blogosphere, European Parliament, elections and on understanding the EU from a journalist’s perspective.



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