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Americum unit of measure

Published 31st August 2010 - 3 comments - 4495 views -

One short post. For almost the end. About the measures. And the one proposed by a Brit Tom Burke, co-founder of the E3G consulting firm, and promoted then by Thomas Friedman in his ‘Hot, flat and crowded”. In short, one Americum equals “any group of 350 million people with a per capita income above $15,000 and a growing penchant for consumerism” (Friedman p. 68 in Polish edition), a phenomenon multiplying in many parts of the world where economic growth allows more and more people to reaching a middle class level and fulfill their material dreams. In terms of consumption, become Americans.

The question put to all of us by the author is: how many Americas in the US version can we stand on our planet? Perhaps it's better to count it before it gets too late..

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  • Hussam Hussein on 31st August 2010:

    Exactly, to save the planet I think we should start from changing our life-style, especially of those who consume a lot..

  • Perry Graham on 31st August 2010:

    In terms of ecological footprint, if everyone lived as the average American does, we would need 6 or 7 planet Earths to support the entire population. I try to live as conscious a lifestyle as I can, and even then, if the whole world lived like I do, we would need 4.5 planet Earths. That’s certainly one startling perspective on privilege.

    To figure out your ecological footprint, try this site:

  • Andrea Arzaba on 01st September 2010:


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