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Andrea Arzaba
Student / Blogger (Mexico City)

Andrea Arzaba defines herself as a “journalist, peace activist, indigenous cultures lover and an eager world traveller”. Currently, blogger for Global Voices Online and for Adopt A Negotiator Project. Andrea is studying her BA in Communications at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. She studied last year at Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain.


And…what are human rights?

Published 17th July 2010 - 7 comments - 2209 views -

A very interesting video that explains the story of Human Rights and a great reflection on them.


And for you....what are UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS?

Are these rights more than only "words on a page"?

TH!NK about IT!

(Andrea Arzaba, July 2010)

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  • Luan Galani on 18th July 2010:

    Personally, I’ve never had time for heros. And, regarding that, I agree with the video. People, ordinary people, like us all, are the change makers, not special entities.

    It reinforces what I have been saying here in TH!NK for a while: to end human rights abuses, first we need to be aware of them (inspired in jhr).

    Nice video, indeed. But we have to be a bit careful. It creates a romantic atmosphere, quite distorting History. Just one example. Other European nations didn’t quell Napoleon because they were human rights defenders. No, no. We cannot be that naive. They did that because Napolean still represented the values of the French Revolution, even being Emperor. These nations were led by the Habsburg dynasty, from what today is Austria. This dynasty was very traditional, one of the most in Europe, and they launched this counterattack to restore the monarchies.

    Sorry for this. I thought it was necessary to point out.

    Anyway, great inspirational video (and post).

  • Iwona Frydryszak on 18th July 2010:

    I remember that spot.I was spread for internaional human rights or something like this.

  • Hussam Hussein on 18th July 2010:

    Yeah, I also remember this video, but it’s always nice to watch it again wink thx

  • Daniel Nylin Nilsson on 19th July 2010:

    Nice video, I haven’t seen it before smile I don’t tihnk it is a distortion of history, but it is a quite political use of history - for a good purpouse. But there are lots of details one could comment on - like Napoleon for example. 

    But as an inspirational video, it is great smile

  • Sylwia Presley on 19th July 2010:

    Really nice video - thank you for posting!

  • Andrea Arzaba on 24th July 2010:

    Im glad you all like it!

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