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Another inconvenient truth?

Published 29th June 2010 - 1 comments - 1843 views -

'Whose job should it be to engage disillusioned young people?' - I asked Lord David Puttnam at the House of Lords just a few hours ago. My hand shot up at the end of an enlightening and inspiring one hour speech, entitled "Young People and Parliament - Bringing the two together in a digital world." Puttnam outlined what he believed to be the main problems; political cowardice, and a widespread lack of understanding, amongst other things.

He spoke passionately of the need for creativity, imagination, flexibility, resilience, and a whole host of other attributes, which our generation is going to need if we are to stand any chance of tackling the many problems we face, be it the global economic crisis, the threat of terrorism, and climate change.

'If we don't change, we will eventually become irrelevant,' he said very early on. And I think he's got a point. Time's are changing, and so must we.

All this talk of yearning for a 'benign revolution' and change, change and more change got the whole audience thinking, and more importantly, questioning.... Is our education system out-dated? What about our political system? And the hot topic of the day, should the media take more responsibility for what it puts out there?

Inconvenient propositions? Yes. Truthful ones? - You decide

[For those who'd like to see the speech and the Q&A session, it'll be up on youtube soon, and streamed live via this link on Saturday 3rd July at 9pm British time.]


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