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Hemant Jain
Writer, designer (Mumbai, India)

I am a writer and illustrator. I like to tell stories about the world I live in and keep a tab on India's environmental crimes here:


Are you ready for Water Wars?

Published 11th April 2010 - 9 comments - 6459 views -

Am I trying to scare you? No, not really. Click on the poster to enlarge and read it. It's only facts. And the water wars are becoming a reality.

Here are two brilliant articles about the water wars and how they are a grim reality:

And here's Hanna's article from Think3:


  • Jodi Bush on 11th April 2010:

    @ Hemant - another great post. I grew up in Australia and so am very aware of the problem of water shortages. I remember it raining after a long drought and all the kids being turned out of the classrooms so they could run around in the rain! It was that much of a novelty. Nevertheless we still use drinking water in our toilets?!?! Crazy. We should be using grey water at the very least. Problem is things have to get very bad before anyone stands up and demands change, or takes action. The fact about women and girls spending 2000 million hours EVERY DAY collecting water is insane.

  • Benno Hansen on 11th April 2010:

    Hi Hemant… I put together a post at my Ecowar blog from yours and Hannas posts. Hope you like it and please just let me know if you want me to change anything.

    Water is something I have blogged about quite a bit at Ecowar. A lot of the posts about Palestine and Israel are about water - so many I’m restraining myself from posting much more. Knock yourself out… there are wild quotes, videos and the whole thing. Most of the links I collected/addressed at Ecowar I also got in a list at Diigo along with a good deal more.

    If I should recommend only one article it would have to be Nations don’t go to war over water wink

  • Radka Lankašová on 11th April 2010:

    Hermant, some of the data in your post is shocking! Great picture -  it makes the content even stronger.

  • Hanna Clarys on 11th April 2010:

    Water replacing oil as cause of conflicts is scary…
    Really amazing poster!

  • Luan Galani on 12th April 2010:

    Great post. But I believe solutions may be far more difficult…

  • Hemant Jain on 12th April 2010:

    @Benno, as always I admire your work. I love the ecowar blog. Thanks for including this post.
    @ Jodi @Hanna, thanks. I am just channelizing my anger! smile
    @Jodi, even more insane is what you see in India every day. Just outside my building complex, little kids walk 3 kilometres to queue up and fill water from a tap. There is only one tap to serve about a 1000 odd people. Or more.
    Will post pictures soon.
    @Luan the solutions are the toughest to achieve. Water is the issue which combines all the millennium development goals and then some.
    No water. No life. And from the looks of it, we are heading towards disaster. Soonish.

  • Aija Vanaga on 12th April 2010:

    Thank you for this post! Every comes like a new surprise of method smile

  • Hussam Hussein on 21st April 2010:

    Thanks for your post, you made clear with an image what many politicians and experts keep saying in the last decades smile
    I would suggest you the book: Water Wars by Vandana Shiva. Thanks for rainsing this issue smile

  • Anca Gheorghica on 21st April 2010:

    For deeper insights on the topic, I higly recommend you to watch the great movie Blue Gold: World Water Wars.

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