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Biodiversity Poster

Published 23rd July 2010 - 1 comments - 12837 views -

biodiversity poster

The 2nd  IAA-Dentsu Global Student Poster Competition was organized by the International Advertising Association (IAA).

In recognition of the critical impact of environmental issues, this year’s theme was biodiversity. The brief asked students to communicate that our lifestyle and consumption habits have to change if we want to stop the destruction on our ecosystems and keep our planet alive.

The competition was open to all undergraduate students. 527 entries from 26 countries were received.  
Dusan Simic from the University of Arts in Belgrade was named the World Champion for his winning entry called “Nest”

The World Champion will present his winning entry at a ceremony at the United Nations in July and will receive his award from Kiyo Akasaka, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information. “Biodiversity underpins the functioning of the ecosystems on which we depend and which is vital for our  well-being,” said Kiyo Akasaka, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information. “We need urgent action now to conserve our biodiversity. Young people are critical to making a difference. We need their energy, their creativity, and their passion.”

Dusan Simic told local media:

I created a nest of plastic straws. Why the straws? Because they are a typical example of something that one uses and throws, and the time dissolution in nature is incredibly long. Nest is a metaphor for the cradle of life, the place where the life is created. This nest is empty to indicate lifelessness of the artificial. It is composed of colorful straws which would emphasize our endless appetites. That is why the poster has the slogan "The factory cannot create life. Change your habits, save habitats "

I like the poster and the idea, and feel proud that the winner comes from Serbia.


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  • Hussam Hussein on 24th July 2010:

    Wow, really impressive poster/image…

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