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Raul Cazan
Environmental Journalist, 2Celsius Network (Bucharest, Romania)

For two years, Raul was the Editor-in-Chief of the only Romanian environmental magazine, Green Report, a product among few of the kind in Eastern Europe. Beyond his Law degree from the University of Bucharest, Raul’s interests revolve around environmental journalism and communications, enhancing topics surrounding the politics of climate change and food security. Raul holds two Master’s Degrees in political science and development from the Central European University Budapest and University of Trento, Italy. He collaborated with the World Wildlife Fund - Danube Carpathian Program, founded the Slow Food Bucharest chapter and acted as an environmental law consultant in Brussels. Between 2009 and 2010 he was International Grassroots Outreach Fellow at Earth Day Network in Washington,D.C. His latest project consists of setting-up an open virtual platform, named, regarding climate change and the green collar economy in Central and Eastern Europe. His big passion is cycling, thus he is making it a socially valued activity by promoting and carrying out "bike charity" projects such as


Biotech, evil or wrong?

Published 11th June 2010 - 1 comments - 2387 views -

In a discussion that took place in Turin at the great Terra Madre 2006 meeting, an engineer from Zaragoza, Jorge Hernandez, owner of a traditional hacienda, said that the 100 global enterprises that trade food in the world promised that:

1.hunger shall be eradicated
2.environment shall be improved
3.nature’s errors (!) will be corrected 

Their propaganda, says Hernandez, set aside social critique and failed in all three abovementioned points. The result of standardizations of plants and animals started over by the IMF in the 1970s were a continuous pauperization of almost a third of the world’s population, a decrease in the number of traditional farmers, and it gave absolute power to international trade, deteriorating people’s diets. Activist Vandana Shiva once said that the extreme image of today’s global development is composed by the obese American child and, on the other side, the skeleton-like body of the African.

Biotechnology offered big financial groups a path towards new sources of quick income, and the actual model of scientific domination augmented the cleavage between center and periphery, north and south, on a global scale.


Is biotech evil or just wrong?

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  • Aija Vanaga on 11th June 2010:

    That is a good question. Therefore I may ask is R&D (different fields) going to right oals?

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