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Justin Mottershead
recent graduate (Manchester, United Kingdom)

I started blogging around a year ago although have only taken it (slightly) seriously for the past few months. I usually blog about football so am hoping to use this platfrom as an ideal opportunity to branch out. Being something of a luddite, you may sense there is a lack of media in some of my posts, but slowly and surely I am getting better, and by the end of this competition you may even see links and videos on my blog!


Britain can learn from South Africa

Published 09th June 2010 - 2 comments - 2731 views -

South Africa- as friendly as it is picturesque

While being in a country for 4 days hardly qualifies one, to become an expert on the place there's an old saying that first impressions last.
Well, my first impression- in fact my first, second third and fourth impression's of South Africa is that it has some of the nicest, kindest warm people I've ever met.
I understand that there is a crime problem here and that three journalists have already been robbed but I can only speak of my own experience and the people I've encountered. I understand the idea that some people may be friendly because they want you to buy their flags or pots or whatever but from my day-to-day encounters with many South Africans I've been pleasantly surprised- I was told horror stories hence the surprise- by their charm.


I'm staying at Witwatersrand University and the students here, along with the staff are all very accommodating, willing to go that bit extra to make my stay enjoyable and hopefully care-free. We've been out and about as a group to Soweto and there the people I cam across were all very kind.
The point I'm making rather than just a sickly ode to how wonderful South Africans are is that we English should take a leaf out of their book in 2012 and also if by some miracle we get to host the World Cup 2018.

Making people feel welcome in our country for a few weeks is a small price to pay when it comes to generating the kind of warmth and affection many visitors are now bestowing back on their South African hosts.
If we can have people leaving England in 2012 with a hint of regret- at having to leave not at going there- then maybe we can shake the slight stigma many have of us as being slightly snobby.

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  • Elsje Fourie on 10th June 2010:

    Hi Justin - glad you’re enjoying SA!  Yes, I often think back fondly to the friendliness you often find in the country.  It’s such a pity that 0.1% of people manage to make life difficult for everyone else.  The sad thing is that the horror stories and the tales of hospitality and warmth are both true at the same time…let’s hope the second group win out.

  • Clare Herbert on 11th June 2010:

    South Africa is a stunning place, and this world cup is the perfect opportunity for people to see that. I can’t wait!

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