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Development Minister, Greenpeace and football…links I like!

Published 30th July 2010 - 5 comments - 1803 views -

I’ve been away for a while (sure you all were wondering) with no internet (such a thing still exists) and just a cottage, some fields, some sheep (I was in Wales) a footpath and some rain. It was bliss to escape my laptop and think about other things for a while. This week I returned to the real world and so thought I’d go 'old skool' and post a ‘links I like’ blog.

In the New Statesman article, Department for International development Minister, Andrew Mitchell, eloquently sets out the case for why the aid budget should be ring fenced in the age of austerity. A bit of the article that struck me; UK aid has educated the same number of children overseas as it has in the UK, for 25% of the cost!

As a digital campaigner, I’ve got a lot of respect for GreenPeace and the way they campaign. They’ve done some excellent stuff in the UK around BP but I liked this article on how they use social media to campaign (and win) against huge global brands.

Oxfam campaigners have been doing some great work promoting the Don’t Drop the Ball on Aid message - check out this video that does some nifty editing with some of our supporter actions:


This article by Madeliene Bunting in the Guardian(which Andrew Mitchell mentions) questions the conservative approach to development and talks through some of the issues DIFD face

And I like this picture from Bhaktapur, Nepal where my old housemate is enjoying some travelling...aaaggghhh to be on holiday!


Blokes chatting in Bhaktapur


  • Clare Herbert on 02nd August 2010:

    Good old fashioned links posts are always interesting, methinks. It gives the reader a sense of the writer’s interests. I do them weekly on my main blog, and really enjoy both compiling them and the reaction I get.

  • Ian Sullivan on 02nd August 2010:

    I agree…..I’ve learned a fair bit about blogging through this comp, both from reading and writing so many, plus there’s more freedom than just being an Oxfam blogger and varying articles is the big thing I’m coming away with….

  • Hussam Hussein on 03rd August 2010:

    Completely agree with you! I also learned so much in this competition smile Both about the topics and issues discussed and on blogging/bloggers… smile

  • Andrea Arzaba on 04th August 2010:

    I agree wıth Hussam and I looooove the pıcture!

  • Ian Sullivan on 04th August 2010:

    The pciture is cool - taken by a friend of mine who is a really good photographer….you can see more of his stuff here:

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