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Hi and thanks for visiting my profile :) My name is Hussam, I'm a blogger-researcher-journalist, member of the European Youth Press’ Middle East and North Africa Committee (MENAC). I studied in Italy (Trieste/Gorizia), England (SOAS, London), and Poland (College of Europe). Academically, my background is mainly in Diplomacy and International Relations, with a focus on Environment. My interests are climate change, water, development and international cooperation.


Dialogue and hospitality as a basis for mutual understanding

Published 22nd April 2010 - 0 comments - 2281 views -

In a more interdipendent world, where each culture tries to maintain and preserve its identity and dignity, it is indeed importand to promote dialogue and the value of diversity. Sustainable development is also connected to cultural growth, and for this reason, development should not undermine the possibility of future generations to access and benefit not only from environment and economics, but also from culture. Therefore, the action of UNESCO is indeed important in the promotion of a sustainable development, that means the support for dialogue and respect of diversity as a mean for peace in the world.

In this framework, it is indeed important the bedouin world because of their traditional hospitality and attitude for dialogue with the different cultures, tradtions, and people. The bedouin hospitality could be linked to their life-style: traditionally and historically people of the desert, not used to meet other people, but living in a dangerous environment. In Arabic "badawi" means "dweller of the desert", so it means that they're indeed people that know how to survive in the desert. However, in this difficult environment, meeting other people is always an occasion to help them, and for celebrations. According to the bedouins traditions, a guest is always welcome because they believe that any guest is the guest of God. Hospitality, in other words the Arabic coffee with cardamom momentum, is the beginning of the relations with a stranger, that will feel at once and confortable at once. This is the bedouin way of relations with the others, maintaining harmony between different people, cultures, ideas.

From this tradition of respect, dialogue, and peace other people could maybe learn how to interact with people, listening to them, talking to them, trying to understand them. Dialogue, therefore, as a basis for mutual understanding, and as an important ingredient for building bridges, harmony, and peace.

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