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Carla Cretan
Researcher/ Writer (London, United Kingdom)

Writing the project 'Naysaying WEST Seen From EAST' (NWSE). A former foreign correspondent reporting from EU Parliament Strasbourg, and other bleak dark tiny European spots of minor importance on the world map. A parliamentary researcher in the UK Parliament writing briefings and letters, and correcting English people's English when necessary. For no fault of my own, Romanian born and bred, sorry about it.



Published 23rd April 2010 - 11 comments - 2355 views -

I would like to make a request to the moderators/organisers as well as to fellow bloggers. It happened, after I posted my posts, to read in other blog entries the exact same words and ideas I used, taken ad literam, without quotation or reference.

And this is only as far as I was on the site in the past 2 days. There is no point in being on a site where people post copies taken from each other by appropriating ideas already posted one day before while there is the opportunity to post comments at the end of that particular entry and engage in a debate right there where ideas are orginally posted. It is time consuming for all of us, busy doing other life activities, to be on a site where ideas are appropriated like that. The point is to read original stories and original expressions, or orginal comments that are personal rather than replicated without quotation, or some rambling contexts copied/ pasted already created that would make us all waste our time being here.

the examples are as follows:
in the blog entry: in the first line: in a more interdipendent world, where each culture tries to maintain and preserve its identity and dignity, which sounds as taken from my earlier posts.
another example is: where the author uses so like Iago in Stratford-Upon-Avon's most famous son's Othello, he could have manipulated certain people which he would not have used if not read previously in mine on exactly the same topic. He could have used other character but plonked this one purposelessly out of convenience.

I do not feel that I can be on the site to keep posting, struggling to be original and personal, if this is what is supposed to happen. I can post my ideas on my personal site, or elsewhere, or rather not post them at all, if it means that they are appropriated. I would appreciate a response from the moderators. Thank you.

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  • Ivaylo Vasilev on 23rd April 2010:

    I’m sure it would help much if you provide links to your posts and sentences that you said were used improperly.

  • Benno Hansen on 23rd April 2010:

    You are right to address this plagiarism issue - but I strongly believe it belongs in the community blog, not here.

  • Ivaylo Vasilev on 23rd April 2010:

    Benno, I am a little ignorant, I apologize, but do I correctly understand that then all side-comments/posts that are not 100% topical (for eg., technical issues such as this one) must go on the other side?

  • Ivaylo Vasilev on 23rd April 2010:

    Other Site. While we are at it, could the webmasters please let me have an option to edit my comments?

  • Hussam Hussein on 23rd April 2010:

    Hi, you’re completely right! I also agree that we should not quote without putting at least the reference. For instance, see my first post, looks more like an essay than as a blog post. However, this is the first time I read one of your posts (I wasn’t very much online in the last weeks) and I see that you’re mentioning one of my posts. The first sentence of my post is not taken by your posts (which one in particular, btw?), but it is a re-elaboration of the UNESCO document: as well as from others from UNESCO. I really cannot imagine that you thought that my sentence could be referring to any of your posts… Probably you have referred to the UNESCO documents because it is strange.. even if the sentence:  in a more interdependent world, where each culture tries to maintain and preserve its identity and dignity is quite general and used by many.. even if in Google it is me the only one using it. And I truly believe that it is a general sentence that any graduate in international politics knows, specially if you come from a country such as Jordan where local traditions are indeed important.

  • Carla Cretan on 24th April 2010:

    A lot of the posts I found here are never thought through properly, the arguments and the logic in the form that is presented seem meaningless, badly edited/written like high school essays written by people who are journalists, consultants, etc.  WE all can navigate the net and come up with meaningless surveys, charts, stats and other messy aberrations all dropped here in clutter for us the bloggers naive enough to strive making sense of senseless.

    If you have been on the moon and back and missed the previous comments/stories posted here then you should get familiar first with what it is written before you post yours.

    if you pick on some conclusions that someone else tried to arrive to in their previously constructed story and want to complement with your story, do so with the right references.

    If you found your issues you want to discuss in some specific UNESCO docs., quote it in exact words so that we all learn about it.

    it’s fair good practice for all of us.

    Some quite rightly named me the ‘English police’:))

  • Edgars Skvariks on 24th April 2010:

    Clara, you should understand that here are about 100 journalists / bloggers / students from several countries and English isn’t the first (official) language for them. It is easier to express themselves in their own language and it should not be an obstacle.

  • Andy Yee on 24th April 2010:

    Carla, you are making very strong allegations in your post but it is very unclear for others to see which of your posts and which sentences got copied without permission. As for the quality of the posts, bear in mind this is a competition and perhaps it is not the contestants’ jobs to judge other people’s works and be the ‘police’.

  • Ruth Spencer on 26th April 2010:

    Hi All,

    I ask that this conversation be continued in the TH!NK Community - located at preferably in the TH!NK3 group. This is the platform for competition posts only.


  • Carla Cretan on 26th April 2010:

    We learn we haven’t been abandoned here on our own as I thought to make photocopies in office!

    Points I wanted to make (Ivaylo also raises in another post):

    1. i do not know why some links(i.e at
    a pdf doc with the correct address becomes inaccessible on others’computers) and uploading pictures/videos is no longer working as I keep wasting lots of hours fiddling with entry postage here

    2. we are supposed to ‘judge’ others’ posts and respond with comments- that’s why we are here!

    3. I also think that people like Ivaylo do not fully read before they post comments (see comments Ivaylo himself posted here) and then start complaining about what we learn(i.e.

    4. I do write in a ‘satirical way’ about the developed world and I gather backlash for doing so.

    5. I do not have time to follow on TWITTER, or other lateral sites to make friends and ask them to read my entries so we can pat each other on the shoulders here

    6. I found a lot of entries amassing facts and ideas copied from other posts or from internet without right quotations/references, or posting things which are NOT fully thought through, not original stories. When i raised this issue, I was again criticized (see above the comments that we do not need ‘police’). so why bother? why lament in your new post,Ivaylo?

    7. my English is not my first language either but I do take time to compose/ edit unlike the person who was quoting ‘apparently’ an UNESCO citation misspelling ‘interdipendent’ and even claiming rights for it.

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