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Hi and thanks for visiting my profile :) My name is Hussam, I'm a blogger-researcher-journalist, member of the European Youth Press’ Middle East and North Africa Committee (MENAC). I studied in Italy (Trieste/Gorizia), England (SOAS, London), and Poland (College of Europe). Academically, my background is mainly in Diplomacy and International Relations, with a focus on Environment. My interests are climate change, water, development and international cooperation.


Do not quote without permission: bedouins in Romania and UK

Published 23rd April 2010 - 3 comments - 1771 views -

Dear fellow bloggers,


it happened today to me a very interesting thing... reading the post of Carla Cretan, i saw that referring to my post of yesterday titled: "Dialogue and hospitality as a basis for mutual understanding" she says that she has the feeling to have already read this article in one of her previous posts. Thereofre my question is: have you ever heard Carla's personal and original story about the hospitality of the bedouin of... Romania and UK? I sincerely haven't...

In addition, as far as quotation and references are concerned, as you can see in my first post titled "Water demand management, Jordan", is something to which I care a lot. However, some of the posts I saw are just copied from articles from newspaper without any quotation... that's bad!

Concerning the first sentence she is refers to: in a more interdipendent world, where each culture tries to maintain and preserve its identity and dignity

I don't know from which of her previous posts does she remember it... and in addition, it is a general sentence that any graduate in international relations and dipomacy knows. In addition, it is a basic concept of UNESCO to which many refers to.

From today if someone will talk about Climate Change as a global problem and therefore common solutions should be taken, should we put a quotation of at least all the billions of people that used this sentence? Concerning water wars, should we put a quotation of Serageldin and  Boutrus Ghali every time? No-one did here in this blog, because these concepts today are common concepts that everyone could use. And therefore if taking about the interdipendent worlrd, intercultural dialogue etc, should I quote UNESCO and the many foundation working in this field, or maybe should I always quote you, just in case you had the same thought in the past?

My next post will be again on Jordan, but just in case, I'll mention you...



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  • Carla Cretan on 24th April 2010:

    if you quoted from UNESCO about the dignity and identity why didn’t you let us know that you quoted from where you quoted! or what exactly brought you to write that idea, there is no thread in your story that leads us to that. your story just starts with that sentence willy-nilly after i previously made a few comments and posts outlining that idea in various contexts. and if you justify that you took it from UNESCO, just say it, if you think it is a general idea let us know how it is a general idea!

  • Ivaylo Vasilev on 26th April 2010:

    Carla, I’m sorry, but you should really contact the editors and use other channels to communicate your concern.

  • Hussam Hussein on 27th April 2010:

    Carla, it’s not my first time in writing thesis, essays, and posts. I know when I need to quote. In the case of UNESCO I mentioned them but I didn’t quote them because I was not citing them. I hope you know the difference… But as Ruth Spencer said, let’s continue our discussion on the community site and not here, that is the site for the competion.
    Thanks Ivaylo for your comment, I have already sent a complain to the organizers about her behaviour.

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