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Journalist, consultant and media entrepreneur (Paris, France)

Bill Hinchberger is a freelance writer and the principal of Hinchberger Consulting, with offices in France and Brazil. He is also the founding editor of, an award-winning online travel guide to South America’s largest country, and the host of BrazilMax Radio, an online radio program. Previously he worked as a foreign correspondent for The Financial Times and Business Week, as a contributing editor for Institutional Investor, and as director of communications and external relations for the World Water Council. He served four years as president of the São Paulo Foreign Correspondents Association and has contributed to a broad range of publications, including ARTnews, Metropolis, National Wildlife, Science, The Lancet and The Nation. Hinchberger Consulting offers services to meet the communications and editorial needs of international organizations, NGOs and companies. These include conference reporting, production of case studies of success, media strategy development and training. In 2009 assignments took Hinchberger beyond Brazil and France to Argentina, Belgium, India, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. He holds a B.A. in Political Science and an M.A. in Latin American Studies, both from the University of California, Berkeley. He is a participant in National Geographic's Destination Stewardship Survey and a member of the editorial board of Mercado Ético (Ethical Markets), a multimedia project about sustainable development in Brazil.


Filling in the Development Blanks: Steve Solot

Published 18th April 2010 - 3 comments - 5819 views -

Breaking News: In an unprecedented effort, the state government of Rio de Janeiro and Rio de Janeiro’s City Hall have joined forces to create the Rio Film Commission, a one-stop-shop for all audiovisual production needs within the state, including permits, locations and police assistance. The commission is headed by Steve Solot, former Latin-American Senior Vice-President for the Motion Picture Association, and current President of the Latin American Training Center (LATC), a regional audiovisual training and consulting firm in Rio.  

The bold text below shows how Steve filled in the development blanks. We invite readers to fill in the blanks themselves by using the comment function below. While you are at it, why not respond to Steve’s suggestion below as well? Or ask him a question. Here goes:

In an era of limits, the new definition of development comprises economic, social digital and educational goals.

If I were casting a sequel of Nightmare on Development Street, my choice to play Freddie Krueger would be Hugo Chavez.

As part of the development agenda, water is critical.

As part of the development agenda, tourism is secondary.

Continued or increased dependence on the automobile will lead to setbacks in development of alternative energy sources.

The population explosion will lead to a worsening of the global standard of living.

The most likely millennium development goal to be achieved is the attainment of universal minimum educational levels.

The most difficult millennium development goal to achieve is social welfare.

The most glaring thing missing from the development agenda is sincere sacrifices from the developed nations.

My favorite development success story is South Korea.

The sentence I would like to see others complete is: These are my own expectations of how to share wealth and income____________________________.


* Press officers: If you would like to have someone from your organization or company Fill in the Development Blanks, please leave a comment in the space below or contact Bill Hinchberger directly.



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  • Iris Cecilia Gonzales on 18th April 2010:

    Thanks for this post Bill. Hugo Chavez should be reading this. I enjoyed reading his answers though I don’t quite agree on the population explosion part.

  • Bill Hinchberger on 18th April 2010:

    Thanks, Iris. I like the responses we’ve been getting to the Freddie Kreuger item. I wish I included more in that spirit.

    The point of this, as I see it, isn’t to encourage agreement but to spark debate and get people thinking. Population seems to be a taboo subject among people working in development. That’s why I made a point of including it.

  • Iris Cecilia Gonzales on 18th April 2010:

    Bill, it only goes to show that everybody knows how Chavez has been. Good point including it.

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