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Larisa Rankovic
Media analyst and researcher (Belgrade, Serbia)

Media researcher and analyst. Living in Belgrade, Serbia.


Local angle and personal voice

Published 26th March 2010 - 7 comments - 3077 views -

Brussels airportLeaving Brussels, I have  been thinking  of what it would be good to write about during the next months.

Coming from the country - Serbia - that has not achieved  any of the Millennium Development Goals yet, finding topics will not be very difficult. Local take on such a broad subject for me is both the most inspiring to  cover, and most interesting to read about.

Even if the country was far more developed, I doubt that issues to write about would be lacking. Learning what in specific contexts mean development, highlights diversity of the World we live in and gives perspective of what the future could bring to us.

Since media - old and new - are the field I am most interested in, the ways they cover development - not only in Serbia - will be certainly in my focus during Th!nk3. Some ideas are already there. 

A quick look into some of the texts published in Serbian print media that mention Millennium Development Goals show that they lack most of the elements suggested for reporting development: Self-interest, human sympathy, drama, intellectual curiosity... Instead, brief news about UN donations for achieving these goals are published, along with opinion pieces and statements by public officials. Not engaging, at all. The stories of Serbian poor or disadvantaged are not much different: Some statistical data, more statements, and a rare reportage remains a pattern of reporting. Most of the journalistic and editorial passion seems to go into dramas of internal politics, gossip, sports.

Additional training and awareness raising are needed. Bloggers' perspective could be very useful as well, as a way to give individual voice and perspective and to tell concrete stories. For that is how we can avoid making typified news where diversity is all too present. Just as Tolstoy (sort of) said long time ago.




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  • Lara Smallman on 26th March 2010:

    It’s definitely the local side, or the local face of development that I am most looking forward to reading about. Also, learning about the different interpretations and, more importantly, responses to development is what drew me to Th!nk 3.

  • Hussam Hussein on 26th March 2010:

    Thanks Larisa for your post. Actually, during the last day of the meetings in Brussels, I was talking with people coming from Western Europe, such as Scandinavia. They were wondering as well on what could they write… and at the end, we concluded saying that even in the richest countriest and in the “most developed” ones, there are challenges that we still have to face, in particular in the social sphera. And what I believe it’s the most interesting aspect of this Th!nk3, is that we are encouraged to speak about people, local stories, interviews. So I’m sure that also in Serbia will be very interesting to speak with the local people, teling us local stories of Serbian people, interviewing them and giving them the opportunity of let us listen to their voice! So looking forward to read your next posts, and to listen to their voice! Thanks! smile

  • Larisa Rankovic on 26th March 2010:

    Thank you for the comments and for encouragement.

  • Sylwia Presley on 25th July 2010:

    Do you think we are seeing blogger’s perspective on THINK3? wink

  • Sylwia Presley on 26th July 2010:

    I am not sure yet. Yes, I did have a sleepless night:) I used all evening to read more of others content, and I think at least what I can do is to add my thoughts to their great work. I must admit that THINK3 is a bit on the margin of my passions but I find it a great experiment of how blogging works for people with more mainstream media experience (in majority of the cases) and great study of such a big on-line competition, but I would rather comment on that once it is over;)

    As for blogging perspectives, I am still going through bloggers - see what I do is I read all articles by one person to see what they are trying to achieve through the voice of their posts. I do have some favorite, but I still need to do more reading. So far I have seen two or three really distinctive voices whose opinionated, strong statements made by their content are really working for me. That said I need to have one or two more sleepless nights to be confident in my opinion;)

  • Larisa Rankovic on 26th July 2010:

    I see. As always, impression depends on what we are looking for. I haven’t been so much looking for strong opinions about issues, more for having some personal connection with the topic, some sort of drive to write about certain set of topics. And I think there have been a lot of it. Together with knowledge, creativity and hard work. Somewhat less I’ve seen local perspective on issues

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