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Elisa Koponen
Journalist (Helsinki, Finland)


Finland wants more nuclear power, majority of the Finns don’t

Published 12th April 2010 - 4 comments - 2795 views -

Finland is taking a step this summer. If it's a step up or down is hard to tell. Finland is about to allow three new nuclear power plant units to be built. I haven't taken sides on that, but have three problems with the proposal.

1.     As some specialists and Greenpeace, I'm not convinced that the negative effects on people's health and nature for using nuclear will always be minor.  
2.     Majority of the Finnish people are against it. Shouldn't they have a say in such a major issue?
3.     I would like to see more of smart alternatives for nuclear energy in media and calculations that would show, what are the best options as people and nature are concerned. Businesses and decision makers have their own interests to look after. 

In June the Finnish Parliament will vote on the amont of newclear power plant licenses given out. It is predicted that all three applying companies will be permitted to build reactors. Currently Finland has four functioning newclear power plant units, and one under construction.

World Nuclear Association says there are 438 nuclear power reactors operating in the world today. On top of that 52 nuclear power reactors are currently being constructed.

Nuclear is a huge industry and will not die out soon whether the citizens of the respective countries like it or not and whether there are better solutions for the world's energy needs or not. In the long run though, people can make a difference.

Are you for or against nuclear power plants?

In the next posts the advocates and the opponents of nuclear power will debate, whether there is an efficient alternative for using nuclear energy. After all, the world energy demand doubles the 1980 level in 2015, World Nuclear Association estimates. That equals a higher demand of energy.

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  • Iris Cecilia Gonzales on 13th April 2010:

    Interesting post! In the Philippines the issue of the use of nuclear power is also thorny. Personally, I’m very much against it.

  • Johan Knols on 13th April 2010:

    I used to be against nuclear energy, but I have also come to the conclusion that it might be (next to alternative sources of energy like sun and wind)the only solution left.

  • Aija Vanaga on 13th April 2010:

    That’s a tricky question. Nuclear is dangerous..

  • Muusa on 24th April 2010:

    Great post! Please read mine that was about the same topic but I wrote it already on Decmeber in the Blogging competition part 2 (Climate Change)

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