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Muusa Kostilainen
Student (journalism, international relations, languages, graphic design) (Tampere, Finland)

Reducing extreme poverty around the world, giving information and promoting human rights is important. I think Dalai Lama was right when he said: "Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of Universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life." I'm a thinker, yes, but also it's important to feel. Why in the earth do you always ask, "what do you think", instead of "how do you feel about it"? I also would like to live my life the way Bahá'u'lláh encouraged us to do "Let your vision be world-embracing, rather than confined to your own self."


First thoughts on the topic

Published 24th March 2010 - 3 comments - 18705 views -

It's a huge topic and I will try to cover it as well as I can during these 4 months of blogging. I'm absolutely going to write about education, human rights, equality and so on...

After 24 hours in Brussels, I can already say that travelling gives you new perspective and getting to know new people from around the world gives you new energy and ideas.

I have to say, that if you only stay in your country, comparing your situation is very difficult. Not everybody can do it, and some people only stay in their country even if they had the chance to travel.

Not every thing can be compared to others, but sometimes it's very good to get new ideas and see how things are done in some other places.

I have already started to think about these things, let's see if we can create something more with this blogging competition: a community, conversations and awareness.

I would like to remind that thinking is not enough. It is also important to feel.

If you know something but you have no motivation to do anything about anything, it meens just one thing: your heart is not in it. Like Little Prince says: "One sees clearly only with the heart"

What do you think, and how you feel about it. This is it. The key to many things would be that we just asked how do we feel about it. Too many people just don't feel anything. We are too busy, or then just so interested in ourselves, that some things seem to be so far away from our reality. What we need is  not just information, but interest.

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  • Aija Vanaga on 25th March 2010:

    Nice starting post. I would like to add that feeling is not easy, if you need to imagine. If you see and get in touch it gets far more easy to feel. And still we need information to. Or better solutions and answers.

  • Muusa on 25th March 2010:

    I agree. But also people tend to be so selfish that they think they need always more, and don’t even compare themselves to those who have less, but always to those who have more. This is one reason I’m not sure if anything is ever going to change…

  • Mamen on 18th April 2010:

    I also think that it is easier to get to know that there are other cultures that are making better or worse than yours by travelling. I come from Spain and live in Germany for 4 years now and I have to say that, before I went away, I did not questioned nearly anything of what was happening in my society. Things were that way and that was it. It is an important point to remark, I like it!

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