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Pierre-Anthony Canovas
Student (Paris, France)

Travel-addict and news junky, sociable and curious, wishing to become a reporter specialized in international issues ... this is the short bio. For the longer one, Pierre – Anthony Canovas is a French freelance journalist. Recently graduated with a master’s degree in European politics from the Institute of Political Studies of Grenoble (« Science – Po »), he holds a double B.A in Law and Political Science from the University Lyon 2. In 2007 – 2008, he spent a year in the United States as an international student at the University of Oregon where he started to freelance for the Oregon Daily Emerald, the main newspaper of the campus while coproducing a short documentary on consciousness objectors. For more than two years, he has been involved in the European young civil societ taking part in several reporting projects in France or abroad, mostly with European Youth Press but also with the online multilingual magazine as well as the European network of young cinema His interests are European politics especially the education and youth issues, the external relations and development policies toward emerging countries.


How to fight hunger? An interview with an expert.

Published 13th April 2010 - 3 comments - 2131 views -

This week, I am in Strasbourg to cover the Model of the European Union, live from the Parliament.

The simulation is a perfect way to learn how the E.U works for young people who play the role of MEPs, Ministers of the Council, lobbyists or even interpreters and journalists. On Sunday, Professor Gernot Klepper gave a speech. He is a German economist specialized on environmental issues at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, based in Kiel, Germany. He provided for the two hundreds participants some technical information about G.M.O. Indeed, over the next few days, they will have to discuss and to negotiate whether or not Genetically Modified Organisms should definitely be allowed within the EU boarders. I took advantage of this speech to ask the expert about the Millennium Development goal number n°1: hunger. Does he think it could be useful to reduce hunger in the world? What is the role of big food companies? He answers those questions in the video below. 

In addition, I will do my best before the end of the week to work on another post related to this issue with more technical facts. But I have two questions for you:

Are G.M.Os already used in your country? And if not, do many people want to see them everywhere? 

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  • Ivaylo Vasilev on 13th April 2010:

    I think your video is missing? Btw, I’ll also be posting on the subject with interviews and videos from Bulgarian scientists and green party activists - in about two weeks time.

  • Pierre-Anthony Canovas on 13th April 2010:

    Yes, I don’t know it is not working. I am trying to fix it out ASAP.

  • Helena Goldon on 11th August 2010:

    Pierre, lovely job, well done, I am waiting for more from you!
    ‘Relative to GDP of the rich countries’ - like this point of view.

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