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Iris Cecilia Gonzales
journalist (Quezon City, Philippines)

I work as a reporter for the Philippine Star, a Manila daily. At present, I cover the Department of Finance beat but I also write other stories here and there. I'm also a coffee and scotch drinker, a barefoot traveller and a collector of memories. I live in a parallel universe.


Malaysia Redux

Published 30th August 2010 - 3 comments - 2849 views -

This is an attempt to tell once more the experience me and my fellow bloggers shared in Malaysia. We thank the European Journalism Centre immensely for making this trip possible. Thank you, too to the people for sharing their lives, their stories and their communities to us. To my fellow TH!NKERS, it is an honor and privilege to be on board with you all. Shukran!


Photo by Tiziana Cauli

At the Raja Musa Forest Reserve

Photo by Kevin Rennie

At the vegetarian restaurant

At the Kuala Selangor Mangrove Forest

At the Tompoq Topoh

Photo by Clare Herbert




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