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Robert Stefanicki
Journalist (Warsaw, Poland)

Old salt international affairs writer. At present freelance (looking for a job!), most of his professional life worked for the largest daily in Poland. Focused on Asia and Middle East, where witnessed some dirty wars, now more and more interested in development and other global issues. In collusion with Institute of Global Responsibility, our new and fast growing NGO. Self made photographer (see my website), scuba diver, sailor, cyclist and movie addict.


Malaysia Th!nk3 Photoblog

Published 26th August 2010 - 12 comments - 6967 views -

Everything has been said about this trip. You have already learned why Malaysian burn peat forests, that mangrove wetlands provide breeding for different species, indigenous people earn income from their traditional crafts, and, last but not least, that there are clandestine dinosaurs among Th!nk3 winners, who, hand in hand with Kim Jong Il, would wish all this Internet to close for good, and go back typing on their old machines... All that has left for me was to publish some pictures.


The only group photo in my possession. From the left: Anne of EJC, Ian, Tiziana, Maria, Kevin, Giedre, me, Iris, Ivan (cameraman), Clare, Lara. This is the center of KL.


Planting trees, day 1. Choose boots of any colour, if only they are black.


North-South cooperation.


To the right - Maria, to the left - Malaysian volunteer (forgot her name).


Th!nk3 will-be forest.


At the (very clean) source of a river.


I caught this shrimp in a stream with my bare hands. For scientific purpose.


At the local "ramadan market".


Some of us arrived late, but liked Malaysia a lot, so refused to leave on time.


Planting trees, day 2. Despite the gloves we got dirty, especially me and Ian (but have no pics).


This is mudhopper - not part of a team, but cool anyway.


May sound politically incorrect, but these Asian monkeys actually live on trees and eat bananas.


Malaysian drinks had strange colours.


Nobody wanted to eat fish head. What a waste.


This makeshift bridge at the indigenous community couldn't bear all the weight of Th!nk3.


Hammering the crab (dead already).


Very crowdy restaurant with live elevator music. The last supper with other conference participants.


And they really paid for all this...

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  • Tiziana Cauli on 26th August 2010:

    Haha, The fish head is gross, as was the rest of the soup smile

    The girl’s name is Regina!

  • Larisa Rankovic on 26th August 2010:

    Amazing photos, Robert. Speaking of biodiversity, I’ve seen a photo with a palm tree in the middle of Warsaw. What kind of project is that?

  • Robert Stefanicki on 26th August 2010:

    @Larisa: this is fake, plastic palm. Some see a piece of modern art in it.

  • Iwona Frydryszak on 27th August 2010:

    Robert, do you think they spend the money for good puropse?

  • Robert Stefanicki on 27th August 2010:

    @Iwona: Haha, well, I am sure we could name lots of worse purposes…

  • Iris Cecilia Gonzales on 27th August 2010:


    You really are anti-fish…If you ever come to the Philippines, I’ll make sure to feed you everything but fish grin


    The photos brought me back to those sites—heat, humidity, long walks and rain (but all fun nonetheless). Thanks!

  • Ian Sullivan on 27th August 2010:

    Nice blog - made me laugh!

  • Helena Goldon on 27th August 2010:

    What a blast! I love the mudhopper - reminds me of axolotl
    Th!nk3 forest - what a great way of giving back!
    What did you do with the shrimp? smile

  • Robert Stefanicki on 27th August 2010:

    @Radka: Each of us planted 2-3 trees on average. Will they survive? Let’s pray.

    @Helena: I have read the shrimp her rights, than set free on bail.

  • Andrea Arzaba on 28th August 2010:


  • Clare Herbert on 29th August 2010:

    Brings me back!

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