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Ana Silva
Student (Coimbra,Portugal)

Undergraduate student of International Relations, with special interest on gender studies, European Union, international organisations and theories of IR, among other things. I will focus essentially on MDGs, as I consider these to be a very important "feature" that embodies the most important premises of the international system at the present time. They are probably going to fail, but even so we ought to call for the conscience of everybody, so that people become aware of what is being done by their national governments concerning the problems that ultimately affect each and every one of us.


MDG 8 in 8 posts - 1

Published 12th June 2010 - 1 comments - 1867 views -


The words “Millennium Development Goals” should nowadays feel familiar to virtually any person that hears about them, but unfortunately the set of 8 goals established by the United Nations back in the 2000 still remains unknown to a significant part of the population. This is why we decided to create this blog, so as to take the best of new information technologies potential to inform and raise awareness on a theme that is of significant relevance, both because of its scope of action and because of the (lack of) progress made in ten years, that now places States in a delicate position to try to catch up in the five years leading to the deadline established in the “Millennium Declaration”.

In this context, MDGs’ discussion has been given a new emphasis this year on the public official instances, namely in the course of the preparation of the High Level Summit that will take place in New York in September this year, to discuss on the progress achieved and decide on what lines of action need to be enhanced in order to still try to reach the “Goals” and respective targets.

United Nations’ Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has said earlier this year that “Despite hard economic times, despite lagging progress on many fronts, we can still achieve the Millennium Development Goals by our target date of 2015”, sending a sign of optimism that is certainly not shared by most analysts and critics of Millennium Development Goals. It is very important, when trying to spread the word about this worldwide “project”, to present some of the most pertinent criticisms that are addressed to it, so as not to create an illusionary idea that MDGs are nothing but a group of positive aspects to which the majority of world leaders committed and are still willing to fight for. That is why in the next seven posts we will try to give the readers a broad picture of what MDG 8 is about and what are the misperceptions that may arrive when we learn about it, while at the same time trying to assess what were the progresses achieved in this field of development aid, that presupposes a (somewhat improbable) partnership between developed and developing countries, in order to boost the development of the last, and to allow them to meet all the other seven Goals.




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  • Sylwia Presley on 25th July 2010:

    I like the idea and hope to read them all!:)

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