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Benno Hansen
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Focusing on our bright green future, environmental sustainability, global partnership and climate change.

MSc degree in horticulture from Copenhagen University, thesis on Hidden Markov Modelling of protein sequences - which is the same algorithm that lies at the core of Google. Winner of TH!NK2, Y!HAA

Have written for magazines at an advertising bureau, supported university students in their IT-tasks, helped maintain the university hardware, software and websites, vacuum cleaned bodies of escaped laboratory test frogs, been a mail man with the Danish Postal Service and counted the number of passengers for the Danish Railways.

My goal is to publish a best selling science fiction novel and/or get elected for parliament with an intellectual party. But I spend a lot more time betting on football matches (and winning), attending FC Copenhagen home games which I hold a season ticket for, reading lots of science fiction and popularized science, skating and eating organic meals with my beautiful, eco-friendly biomedicine ethicist girlfriend.

Oh yeah... every now and then I also blog ;-)

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MDG press clips - November 2010 to March 2011

Published 07th April 2011 - 7 comments - 13229 views -

Five months of buzz condenced to just one little blog post!? Or maybe just a video I couldn't help sharing plus a few other little gems.

#5 YouTube picks

The role forests can play in national development, a green economy and climate change explained:

Discrimination in Europe:

A visit to Liberian transit camps which are housing refugees fleeing violence in Côte d'Ivoire:

John Kaufmann answer the big question "are Americans facing reality". It's not a joke:

A picture speaks a thousand words and an animation of USAID cartograms... you just watch it and finish the sentence...

#4 Climate change cartoon

Place your bets please

Clear communication and scientific understanding? Who is he kidding? Recently even The Guardian walked into the trap of The Berkeley Earth Project - apparently a denial lobbyist sponsored project to seed just a few more news stories insinuating that maybe, just maybe, climatologists aren't entirely right about global warming. The real tragedy, however, is that when the project fell with a whimper the media looked away.

"It's snowing. Global Warming isn't real"

#3 Return of rare giraffes brings promise of peace among warring Kenyan peoples

"It has been 70 years since Rothschild giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi), aka Baringo giraffes, disappeared from the Lake Baringo area of Kenya that gave them one of their names. But now eight of these critically endangered animals have returned to the lake, and with them comes an unexpected bonus: a promise of peace." Read the rest at Scientific American.

#2 U.S. Military Developing Solar-Powered Tents

US Army solar panel tent

"Harnessing energy from the sun makes a lot of sense in hot desert environments, and the U.S. military has taken advantage of solar technology in the past by developing energy generating solar backpacks and watches for its troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Recently the military announced its latest solar venture – a series of solar-powered tents that will be capable of powering communications devices as well as laptops and other electronic equipment, rendering ground units practically self-sufficient." Watch more images at Inhabitat.

#1 The video I couldn't help sharing

I have to admint I didn't know about Professor Kishore Mahbubani from Singapore [Wikipedia | website] but I liked his provocative (to a European) point of view on world affairs. Listen...




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