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Adriankoto Ratozamana
Cyber activist, eco-entrepreneur, citizen journalist (Antananarivo, MADAGASCAR)

Harinjaka Andriankoto RATOZAMANANA is a blogger, Observer, TH!NKer and Successful entrepreneur based in Antananarivo. In 2007 his work caught the attention of senior management at (Technology, Entertainment and Design) which offered him a global fellowship recognizing his role as “ outstanding young developing world leader who has demonstrated outstanding achievement and potential...” (see “Fellows” at Presently Harinjaka works on different projects that combines social goals, conservation, and for-profit objectives in Madagascar. As a stringer for France 24, he covers breaking news events in sub-Saharan Africa. He is also part of team. A Malagasy non profit organisation, with technologists and local development specialists in reaction to the obvious urgent need to preserve biodiversity hotspots in Madagascar and to engage in local development.


Nature & Kulture: Nataly Andria gives her voice to Vakan’Ala

Published 18th May 2010 - 0 comments - 5569 views -

Nataly Andria, 25 year old malagasy female singer-songwriter, decided to use her talent to raise awareness, and contribute to the development in her country.

In June 2003, She enrolled at the first season of Pazzapa , where she has been a finalist after 2 months of song contest among more than 1000 candidates. Today, Nataly is among a handful of talented malagasy female singers that have a global vision in her carrer. She is also committed and passionate about helping people and especially children.

Vakan'Ala is delighted to welcome her on board as a Goodwill Ambassador !


Nataly Andria

With her help, Vakan'ala can make both environmental and social action a global brand and a life-style choice, from Antananarivo to Paris and from New York to Tokyo.

In her new role, Nataly Andria will help Vakan'Ala, in its mission to raise awareness and inspire action to protect Madagascar unique biodiversity. She will help focus attention on some of the greatest threats facing our home country Madagascar wich are social and also environmental degradation.

"I'm really honored to be among those considered to represent Vakan'Ala's work and the environmental cause in Madagascar" said Nataly Andria, who sings I cried a river in Her first Album.

"Every drop of water flows in rivers and end up in the ocean. If every one of us is conscious about it's value, we in Madagascar particularly, can build a better world for our children just with our nature. When I see Vakan'ala's website and it's objectives, I think they really up to change things and I want to be a part of this change ! "

"I grew up in Madagascar, in various parts of the island, and I had the opportunity to live surrounded by nature. I couldn't have asked for a better childhood," she said.

But environment is not her only concern :

"What touches me in Vakan'Ala project is that it does not only act for the environment, it's also resolving social and economic problems. Education is also something very important ; for example, when I read  that the kids in the region of Ihorombe (and in most places in Madagascar) walk about hours to go to school, it really breaks my heart and it's makes me want to do something."

"ICT is now developed enough to raise awareness among the Malagasy diaspora, but also for people around the world. I am a modern artist that uses and abuses social networks like Facebook ,Twitter and Myspace ... and I think I can do something at my level, for example by giving my vote to vakan'ala for Humanity Calls ...So if you're OK, I am ready to support Vakan'ala and to be part of a global and far-reaching cause" she said.

"Now it's about action on a global scale to secure a healthy future for the next generation, wherever they live in the world."




We Need your vote for Vakanala in the eBay Tournament for the Environment #HumanityCalls | |

Nataly Andria |


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