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Media researcher and analyst. Living in Belgrade, Serbia.


New York Week in Pictures

Published 27th September 2010 - 4 comments - 5593 views -

Or: NGOs, media gurus, scholars, and three TH!inkers (actually four, because we have met Ian Sullivan there too) during the week of UN MDGs Summit

NYT Sunday

Sunday edition of the New York Times. The day (September 19) when our week in New York started.

Stand Up Against Poverty event

Stand Up Against Poverty event

stand up against poverty

From Stand Up Against Poverty event

Worl Summit Youth Award

World Summit Youth Award - Young People Use Internet to take Action on the MDGs.

TEDx change

TEDx change event convened by Melinda Gates

Josh Friedman

With Josh Friedman, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

digital media lounge

One of the panels at the Digital Media Lounge

digital media lounge

Bloggers and journalists in action in the Digital Media Lounge

Dinner last evening

Dinner last evening together with Rina (from the EJC) and Andrea's father.

More posts about these events to come. I hope this gives some idea of the type of activities we had during our exciting New York week and what kind of side events to the UN MDGs Summit were organized.

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  • Helena Goldon on 28th September 2010:

    Great stuff, Larisa! Well done you and Ian who apparently made it to the summit!

  • Clare Herbert on 28th September 2010:

    Love it Larisa. Looks like a great time!

  • Larisa Rankovic on 28th September 2010:

    Thanks Helena and Clare. It was really great. And dynamic. But how else could it be in New York

  • Jan Marcinek on 30th September 2010:

    Thank you for the photo reportage. I look forward to more posts about this.

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