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Mirza Softic
Web Journalist (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

I am a freelance journalist with interest in politics, NGOs, marketing and management. A euro sceptic, but love to travel across Europe :). I am planning to set up a hostel in the center of Sarajevo called "Yugoslavia", because I am a very 'Yugo nostalgic' person. And left-oriented forever! P. S. Photography is my favorite hobby :). This radio that you can listen on my website is ESN Radio. To turn it off, click on the circle button. Counter free counters


Non – exploitation of Water Potential in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Published 12th May 2010 - 4 comments - 7359 views -

Sarajevo, 12th of May 2010

Bosnia and Herzegovina imports € 10 million of drinkable, bottled water yearly. In our country you can find diverse trademarks of water, from several European countries, such as Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Greece and Hungary. It became fashionable to bring (to bring where?) half liter bottled water, especially if it’s water from some foreign country, for example Croatian trademark “Jana”.

 Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Although in Bosnia and Herzegovina every river has a spring with drinkable water, and some rivers are drinkable even in their lower courses, price of bottled water is quite high. It costs approximately the same like average juice. Bigger bottles are cheaper, but the most interesting thing is that the more expensive water has been sold more, although it has a foreign origin. Unfortunately, this trend continues and increases every year and Bosnian water potentials are not being used. The only thing that politicians think about is building water power plants, which will bring money to them, but at the same time, destroy drinkable rivers and natural beauty. Nobody thinks about eventually bottling same drinkable water and export it to the European Union or to other parts of the world (that need it). Although Bosnia has 16 spas and thermal resorts, even this potential is not exploited enough.

 Skakavac Waterfall, the second highest in Europe

In these videos and photos, I am noticing some positive examples, where you can see something about mineral water from the village of Tešanj, and about fishing on Una River, north – west Bosnia. You can see why it is a big damage to build power plants here.

Spring on Trebević mountain


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  • Edgars Skvariks on 12th May 2010:

    The sadest part is that people usually buy botteled water and doesn’t even know that mostly it is just tap water, filled in bottles.

  • Clare Herbert on 12th May 2010:

    So true Edgars, but it puts so much pressure on our environment to produce these plastic bottles I wish people would just drink from their taps.

  • Mirza Softic on 13th May 2010:

    Clare and Edgars, thank you for your comments. Sometimes it’s a problem cause people don’t trust that tapped water is OK for drinking. Here in Bosnia, all the foreigners drink bottled water, and that’s a reason more for bottling and exporting the water towards EU and neighbor countries.

  • Hussam Hussein on 18th May 2010:

    Thanks Mirza for raising this important issue… more awareness risig should be done in your country as well as in mine.

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