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Helena Goldon
NGO Consultant, Programmes Department/Journalist (POLAND) A change agent. Main focus: people. Writes based on her experience as a freelance correspondent for the Polish Radio - from Uganda, Zambia, Lebanon, and Malawi and project work in the field. Worked also as Assistant Producer for Save the Children on a documentary on rehabilitation of children abductees to Joseph Kony's rebel group and coordinated projects co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Board member of Development Cooperation Centre.


Passion Fruit, People, and Love

Published 09th August 2010 - 7 comments - 6191 views -


As a volunteer, social worker or a correspondent, apart from being ethically responsible for your work, you need to enjoy what you do, you need to have something that gets you going. There is always a silver lining, you see - I guess we are human beings after all and we can't all the time see difficult images without having a little rest. We too need to get our inspiration somewhere and be attracted to the world around us, some things have to spark our interests, we need to have our driving forces, our rewards, our dynamos, and our job satisfaction.


Here is a list of the 10 things I love most in Uganda:

  1. People
  2. Their natural smiles (and taking photos of them)
  4. Acholi dance (this movie is a class, you need to see it!), Baganda dance and all the other shaking-shaking
  5. Jackfruit, passion fruit, pineapple, small sweet bananas... have I mentioned passion fruit already?
  6. Ugandan Music
  7. Boda boda and matatu (public means of transport)
  8. Simple, natural life in a Ugandan village
  9. Nature and the birds singing
  10. Tilapia fish and everything connected with water (white water rafting, Bujagali waterfalls, the source of the Nile)




Passion Fruit Image: Credits: Council of Agriculture of the Republic of China



  • Hussam Hussein on 09th August 2010:

    great post!!! smile Thanks for sharing with us what motivated you!!! I will think about your last question and come back to you soon!!! smile

  • Jan Marcinek on 10th August 2010:

    Best list of 10 things I ever read.

  • Iwona Frydryszak on 10th August 2010:

    Rainforest and trekking or riding a bike (bought cheap from local people). Watch how did we enjoy trekking in Tanzania smile

  • Iwona Frydryszak on 10th August 2010:

    and avocado… which is so cheap and without pesticide - you open a door to many comments and remembers wink

  • Helena Goldon on 10th August 2010:

    Iwona, this is class! That’s what life is about! Congrats on you!

  • Clare Herbert on 10th August 2010:

    Great post, and thank you for the link. The things I love about Africa? The clear air - there’s no moisture in the air, it feels clean, unpolluted. The dancing! The style and dress of the women, the pride they take in their appearance. Nzima. Simple life. Sense of community. Beautiful countryside. The happy people. The animals. How everything is really valued. Community spirit. And, so much more!

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