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Mirza Softic
Web Journalist (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

I am a freelance journalist with interest in politics, NGOs, marketing and management. A euro sceptic, but love to travel across Europe :). I am planning to set up a hostel in the center of Sarajevo called "Yugoslavia", because I am a very 'Yugo nostalgic' person. And left-oriented forever! P. S. Photography is my favorite hobby :). This radio that you can listen on my website is ESN Radio. To turn it off, click on the circle button. Counter free counters


Pyramids in Bosnia?!

Published 10th April 2010 - 15 comments - 8844 views -

Sarajevo, 10th of April 2010


Although I am not inclined to believe in miracles, Dr. Semir Osmanagić has really created a miracle with his study about the pyramids in Visoko, a town near Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Specifically, Dr. Osmanagić is saying for the last five years that the hill Visočica, next to Visoko, is actually - no less, no more than - the oldest and the largest pyramid in the world. Osmanagić is a doctor of archeology and therefore a very relevant person for such a study. His study about the Bosnian pyramids, conducted since 2005, attracted more than half a million tourists to Visoko, a town that was not very well known, a town which is living pretty slow, but also dying very cruelly, as most of the Bosnian small towns.

Although this archaeologist now offers sixteen arguments for the existence of pyramids, as the look of the hill, equality of the triangle sides, ideal orientation towards the sides of the world, etc., there are always skeptics who seek to undermine the whole process and delay it as much as possible. When asked why this is happening, Mr. Osmanagić says that there are many reasons; some of them are jealousy, ignorance, and political blackmail. He adds, "Most of the world does not correspond to the fact that world history is changing".

Also, this pyramid could be of great importance for our whole little country, if, in the end, it is scientifically proved and accepted from the academic world. Let us hope, at least for a moment, that we will fade away this ugly picture that politicians of this country are constantly sending to the world.

For a better picture of the situation, watch the video that is posted here below, and hear about the political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and why it would be great to discover this pyramid.


And finally, he said a great truth. There should not be a place for politicians anymore. Those in Bosnia do not deserve to have a pyramid, but because the "ordinary people" would profit, we must discover it.

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  • Kive on 10th April 2010:

    Let’s hope Dr. Osmanagic will succeed in his attempts - whenever, in ten years, in ten years it is! We should not forget the world is still developing, and still being explored!

  • Ivaylo Vasilev on 10th April 2010:

    MIRZA! THANK YOU for this post. I’ll try to bring it around. Your policy is an actually great, simple proposal, with clear implementation measures.

  • Ivaylo Vasilev on 10th April 2010:

    Mirza, sorry for the prev. post, I got the wrong thread.

    This entry is also good and informative.

  • Mirza Softic on 10th April 2010:

    Hey Ivaylo, it is OK, I understood that you made a mistake. All of the people who live close to Bosnia, should visit this place. It’s really amazing, and it will write some other history than this one we learned.

  • Mirza Softic on 19th April 2010:

    I have sent this article to the author of this theory and I expect that maybe he will also comment it.

  • Mirza Softic on 21st April 2010:

    And what is really nice, the people from Foundation “Pyramid of the Sun” already posted the link of my story here. You can see it on this link .

  • Merima on 23rd April 2010:

    Mirza, thanks a million ! Great article…

  • Mirza Softic on 23rd April 2010:

    Merima, you can also share your information and knowledge about this topic with all of us. This article is third most populated article of ove 350 posts, so please, join our discussion, on this or any other topic.

  • Merima on 24th April 2010:

  • Merima on 24th April 2010:

    Thank you Mirza, but for the beginning, you may want to read my article “Aliens to Science”. Your blog is not allowing me to post a link directly, but you can google it by typing in Aliens to Science and my first name (Merima). 
    If you have trouble finding it, I’ll copy and paste it.

    Again, thank you very much for writing an article about the Bosnian pyramids.
    Greetings from Los Angeles.

  • Mirza Softic on 02nd May 2010:

    Merima, I just saw your blog and I collected some new information that I needed. I’ll keep posting on this topic very soon and I hope it won’t be a problem that I copy a recent video from your blog smile. Now I will read your article “Aliens in Science” and will post a comment there and here smile.

    And also, your blog is great, thank you for sharing it with us smile.

  • Stefan Nikolic on 03rd May 2010:

    I was amazed when I first saw this news on TV. Who knows how much of history we don’t actually know. Unfortunately everything comes to politics nowadays and who knows how much of the truth we as ordinary people are hidden from.

  • Mirza Softic on 03rd May 2010:

    Stefan, thanks for your comment. I am preparing one more story about this issue, with more video proves. There is a movie from this lesson in Amsterdam, which is really great and you should research more on this topic.

    Of course, politics always go before the science, but science always wins at the end smile.

    This is the article written by Merima Bojić, where you can see what happened between the people who are in favor or against this story (even it sounds stupid, to be in favor or against… let’s research smile).

  • merima on 04th May 2010:

    Mirza, I’m not writing any blogs, and I have no clue what you are talking about. Perhaps, someone is using my name, but please know that all my articles are posted on the Foundation’s web site.

    Also, be aware that the local opponents are attacking everyone who is connected to the Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation. I’ve been dealing with them (anonymous bloggers) for 4 years now and reported them to police because they were sending me threatening e-mails. You wouldn’t believe how much hatred can come out of such minds. Indeed, it’s all politics and has nothing to do with science.

  • Mirza Softic on 04th May 2010:


    Sorry if I posted wrong information, it wasn’t on purpose. However, I clearly understand the facts about politic reasons here and I am really sorry because of it and thank you for the information that you are not writing a blog.

    Also, please, keep in touch with us, I’ll probably post at least 2-3 stories more about a pyramid.

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