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Kevin Rennie
Citizen journalist, Teacher (retired),Volunteer (Melbourne, Australia)

I am a retired secondary teacher and unionist. I have been an Australian Labor Party member since 1972. After teaching in Victorian schools from 1975, I spent 8 years teaching in the Northern Territory: 4 in Katherine, followed by 4 in Maningrida, an aboriginal community in Arnhem Land. Returned in June 2008 to Melbourne to live after 15 months in Broome. Now live near Red Bluff which overlooks Half Moon Bay on Port Phillip Bay's eastern side. I am a Global Voices author.


Robin Hood Tax: Tights Camera Action

Published 08th June 2010 - 2 comments - 2593 views -

Latest post about robbing the rich - a video from Robin Hood Tax Australia:

Didn't see Russell Crowe or Cate Blanchett in the video. I'm sure Cate would be sympathetic, not sure about Russell.

Meanwhile there is a global film competition Tights Camera Action to promote the tax:

Make a short film (60 – 90 seconds long) that shows us what you think of the idea of governments taxing the banks to raise money for the poor and the planet.

You can do your bit to help the banks help the developing world. Visit THEROBINHOODTAX

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  • Ian Sullivan on 08th June 2010:

    Good to see Robin getting around the world. What do you think the chances of Australia gov getting a Robin Tax???

  • Kevin Rennie on 08th June 2010:


    Not to mention his merry men. One of them is Luke Fletcher of Jubilee Australia who are leaders in promoting the tax.

    Hard to be an optimist in Australia. The govt are taking a battering over a proposed Resources Super Profits Tax. The miners are taking no prisoners in their ruthless campaign to defeat the tax and Kevin Rudd. Opposition leader Tony Abbott is Prince John’s understudy in this farce.

    More about Luke and mining in a later post.

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