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The battle against Monsanto: Monsanto strikes back.

Published 22nd April 2010 - 0 comments - 4855 views -

The Battle Against Monsanto. Some of you read it on think2. Some of you are new to it. But going by what's happening in Europe, you may like to have a read of how India thwarted GMOs. Or rather, how ordinary Indians thwarted a well co-ordinated plan by the companies and the government to bring in GM Food in India.

Click here for the think2 story: The Battle Against Monsanto - A victory of science and democracy.

So what has happened since then?

Our Science and Technology Minsiter, Prithviraj Chavan, also Monsanto's spokesperson has drafted a Biotech Regulatory Authority Bill. This Bill is anti-democratic and unconstitutional. And this bill is threatening to corrupt itself in our lives.

Simply put, the bill is a gag order on ANYBODY who criticizes GMOs. Critics will be put up in jail so the companies can have a free hand. A classic case of yet another corrupt sellout of an Indian politician. But the effects are far more dangerous this time. Our country's food security and our biodiversity will be compromised. All for some wads of foreign dollars.

Well-known environmentalist and opponent of GM foods Vandana Shiva said the potential conflict of interest would be a disaster. “The aim of this draft Bill is to deregulate, hijack regulation from the Environment Ministry, which is independent of biotech industry interests, and give it to the DBT, which is completely driven by biotech industry interests,” she said.

Scientist around the world sent a letter to our Prime Minister. They cited Chavan's vested interests and the erroneous policy of the government: And like everything else, this too fell on deaf ears.

Have a read of what this sinister bill contains:

Greenpeace India is up in arms against Chavan. But this time around the politician may prove too difficult to contain.

Stay tuned for dispatches from the battlefront.

Here's a poster on the issue: (Click to enlarge and read)



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