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Aija Vanaga
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The fairytale about the tree.

Published 15th July 2010 - 6 comments - 2145 views -

This was an early morning. The pine tree was standing there through the coldest winters and hottest summers. The tree was standing there no matter of what - ice drops, snow avalanches, crazy snowborders who tryed to make their way around on the fresh powder. It was sucha a happy life - no matter that it was hard. He was standing there day and night.


Men came. They felt sorry for the tree to be standing in the coldest winters and hottest summers on the mountain line. They decided to move the tree to the more civilized and appropriate environment, where someone will take care of him. To place where he will not be violated by snowborders or falling snow.They put the tree in the warm house.

After the time tree died. He couldn't stand having no influence and control over his life, he couldn't decide what to eat, what to look at, how to behave. He was missing his wild environment and that view he was waking up everyday with.

This may sound fairly, but after I am reading the book I talked in my previous post I believe that putting people in the different envionment and cultural background can result in lost lives even if everything from basic psysiological needs are met.

I remember my grandfather, who survived through wars, who was living in the country-side for the whole of his life. After death of my grandmother we moved him to city, to live with us. And he couldn't do that .. He couldn't get used through years that you can hear a tram or bus passing by your window in the middle of the night. He was unhappy, but every other physiological need was met.

With this post I want to drow your attention to policy of development and our assumtions that living our West life style is the best one possible..


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  • Johan Knols on 15th July 2010:

    Hello Aija,

    Nice little story and to the point.

  • Luan Galani on 15th July 2010:

    Aija, you hit the nail on the head. We consider our West way of living the best one possible…but we are so far away from it.

    Nice short story.

  • Aija Vanaga on 16th July 2010:

    Assumtions are a little bit more, if you use them as a reference for something right or good. And they can lead us to mistakes and feeling that we know answer. But in reality we do not know as we haven’t done anything as research.
    In my next blog I will try to look at development programms and what they do and offer and find as right way as methods. And my attention will be looked at cross-cultural/cross-language usage and understanding.

  • Aija Vanaga on 16th July 2010:

    Nice to hear that from you.

    Thank you!

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