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Too much information?

Published 15th April 2010 - 2 comments - 2517 views -

Too many tweets - I was told today as I logged on to micro blogging site Twitter.


The smiling little whale got me wondering...

Is there too much information out there?

Has the issue of international development got too complex?

Are people so confused that they are disconnected from the real issues?

Do we need to take a step back, and simplify things?


Maybe it's not just the whale who is at capacity. A tweet here, a facebook status update there, not to mention the ongoing flurry of news on tv and in the papers. Is the human race suffering from information overload? And is it hampering our understanding of complex enough issues such as international development?

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  • Andy Yee on 15th April 2010:

    There is too much information for people in the rich countries, too little information for people in the poor countries. This makes people in the rich countries stupid, and people in the poor countries ignorant.

  • Rui Iria on 19th April 2010:

    Andy Yee

    I agree. I guess if we wanna be more especific we could say that the real issue is the access to the information. In poor countries most people may not google for an information or make mobile calls, but they still some information. Probably the information that really need…
    In the another conner of the ring are the so called rich [now not so much, thanks to the Wall Street fellows] countries. There happends another fenomenom: the info flood! Only about 20% to 25% information is accured, about 40% is pure especulation with intent hurt/damage someone or something [a company, an institution, etc]. the rest is just gossip…

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