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Adriankoto Ratozamana
Cyber activist, eco-entrepreneur, citizen journalist (Antananarivo, MADAGASCAR)

Harinjaka Andriankoto RATOZAMANANA is a blogger, Observer, TH!NKer and Successful entrepreneur based in Antananarivo. In 2007 his work caught the attention of senior management at (Technology, Entertainment and Design) which offered him a global fellowship recognizing his role as “ outstanding young developing world leader who has demonstrated outstanding achievement and potential...” (see “Fellows” at Presently Harinjaka works on different projects that combines social goals, conservation, and for-profit objectives in Madagascar. As a stringer for France 24, he covers breaking news events in sub-Saharan Africa. He is also part of team. A Malagasy non profit organisation, with technologists and local development specialists in reaction to the obvious urgent need to preserve biodiversity hotspots in Madagascar and to engage in local development.


Uniting Nations

Published 11th November 2010 - 1 comments - 8377 views -

For too long the Southern Hemisphere has been left off the map when it comes to Global events and creating a universal narrative. 11/11/11 is about to change that - as its purpose and objective is a focus's on inclusion and togetherness.

So what is the 11/11/11 project? Well, For 24 hours, on 11th November 2011, anyONE who has access to a film, video, digital, phone, web camera or microphone will be invited to partake in the biggest creative project of our human history. People from 196 different countries, brought together by over 2000 languages will be asked to capture a day in the life of their world.

The footage, audio, visual and photographic material will be collated and used as the ingredients for a variety of 11/11/11 initiatives including a 2 hour cinematic documentary, television series, photographic book, world music collection. portable arts festival and an interactive online portal. The 11/11/11 project is a time capsule, which will capture our world in a way that has never been technologically possible before.


Not only does the project focus on togetherness - at its heart lies another motivation - the UN Millennium Development Goals. 11/11/11 is a not-for-profit project. Money raised will go to charities aimed at helping achieve the goals set by the United Nations. As this is a project about humanity, it only made sense to focus on the most troubling issues of our times, and those are particularly highlighted by the 8 UN MDG's. In truth, the regions that are mostly affected by the devastation recognised by the UNMDG, are the same developing nations that are generally excluded from being contributors to the global narrative.

11/11/11 therefore hopes to raise awareness, with particular focus on isolated regions, to bring attention to the realities of life and to help motivate all of us to achieve the UN MDG sooner rather than later.

The best place for people to stay updated on 11/11/11 is via facebook


Summary Photo Courtesy of 11Elenven Project Director Danielle Lauren Hanging with the street kids of Manilla


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