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Volcano or Planes? Who’s emitting more?

Published 17th April 2010 - 12 comments - 3771 views -

Long live the internet. When I read about 17000 flights being grounded, it made me wonder: how much emissions? I was almost about to calculate on my own when I found this:

Information. is. beautiful.



  • Edgars Skvariks on 17th April 2010:

    Oh, you were faster than me. I wanted to post it tomorrow.
    Anyways - my plan is to plant one tree for each flight. I hope that would do.

  • Asza Valdimarsdottir on 17th April 2010:

    Wow. Are you ACTUALLY going to plant one tree for every cancelled flight? If you do, that’s incredibly impressive. That’s a whole lot of trees!

  • Radka Lankašová on 18th April 2010:

    Hemant, spot on!

  • Edgars Skvariks on 18th April 2010:


    I didnt say anything about every canceled flight. My idea was to plant one tree for every flight that I have made smile

  • Iris Cecilia Gonzales on 18th April 2010:


    Thanks for this. Hands off to you for showing this blog the importance of graphics grin

  • Iris Cecilia Gonzales on 18th April 2010:

    And regarding the point of the article, I’ll come out with my own plan like Edgars. Thanks for the idea Edgars.

  • Daniel Nylin Nilsson on 18th April 2010:

    Awesome graphics, Henant!

    A good and easy thing to do to CO2 compesate is to buy a sack of grill-charcoal, and dig it down.1,5 lit. of charcoal is about 3.3Kg Co2,  and will stay in the earth or 10 000 years. Just a tip, I think trees are nicer, though wink

  • Giedre Steikunaite on 19th April 2010:

    The Guardian wrote that Eyjafjallajoekull did what years of climate talks never have: ground every aircraft in northern Europe. smile

  • Robert Stefanicki on 19th April 2010:

    And the Kenian farm workers can breath easily. I’ve just read in CSM that volcano is robbing Kenya’s flower and vegetable industry of $3 million per day and “up to 5,000 of farm workers were told to stay home on Monday”. More time for kids and sports.

  • Jodi Bush on 20th April 2010:

    I was thinking about this today as well - I suppose you also have to take into account increased numbers of trains, buses, ships and cars moving people around in the absence of planes. I wonder what that adds up to. Though I imagine it’s far less.

  • Hemant Jain on 21st April 2010:

    @Giedre, I think The Guardian is bang on: Eyjafjallajoekull did what years of climate talks never have: ground every aircraft in northern Europe.
    So much for COP15.

  • Hemant Jain on 21st April 2010:

    Thanks for the lively comments guys.

    @Edgar, great idea!

    @Robert, the blow to the economy is terrible. I also witnessed stranded passengers at Mumbai airport. Not a pretty sight.
    My point is consumerism isn’t a pretty sight too. Too many children are spending their childhoods in shopping malls in India. Too many children are becoming obese on Mc Donald’s burgers. Too much of global trade has killed the local trade. Monocultures have come in…I could go on.
    I think the point is. nobody can control what happened. But it seems to be a grim reminder of or dependence and destruction caused by fossil fuels.

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