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Adriankoto Ratozamana
Cyber activist, eco-entrepreneur, citizen journalist (Antananarivo, MADAGASCAR)

Harinjaka Andriankoto RATOZAMANANA is a blogger, Observer, TH!NKer and Successful entrepreneur based in Antananarivo. In 2007 his work caught the attention of senior management at (Technology, Entertainment and Design) which offered him a global fellowship recognizing his role as “ outstanding young developing world leader who has demonstrated outstanding achievement and potential...” (see “Fellows” at Presently Harinjaka works on different projects that combines social goals, conservation, and for-profit objectives in Madagascar. As a stringer for France 24, he covers breaking news events in sub-Saharan Africa. He is also part of team. A Malagasy non profit organisation, with technologists and local development specialists in reaction to the obvious urgent need to preserve biodiversity hotspots in Madagascar and to engage in local development.


We plant trees for you and for our world

Published 07th July 2010 - 4 comments - 2989 views -

We are the first generation that has the knowledge and means to collaborate globally to solve poverty while ensuring respect for the environment and the dignity for people. Web is the ideal tool to cooperate together and solve the crises that the world is facing today.

During eight weeks, supporters of NGO Vakanala have conffirmed the power of social networks and its effectiveness in the fight against climate change, proving  the importance of individual action and how individual actions when multiplied can make a difference to the planet.

On behalf of the local community, my team mate would like to thank all its fans for their support during the tournament "Humanity Calls". Indeed, the local community of Manambolo through the NGO Vakanala received 1,098 votes at the friendly competition for the environment sponsored by Ebay Green Team. Thank you very much!

This result gives us the 10th place
out of 145 participating non profit and has raised U.S. $ 2,351.73 equivalent to more than 5 million Malagasy Ariary.

That was possible with the great support of my fellow TED fellow, Tin Ho Chow and his team at Big New Ideas who worked on the Humanity Calls platform that leverages a new community of philanthropists' collective mom- entum for non-profits.

As we are pioneering the system of "Fundraising/voting" competition in Madagascar, we are also thankful for the support and personal donation from my fellow TED fellows Darius Weems and Logan Smalley. Logan took time to share with me his experience and tips from DGW Darius Goes West. Their experiences helped us so much.

Thanks to all of you, more than 1,800 trees will be planted in the south of Madagascar, for a total target of 10,000 trees for the year 2010. The use of these funds will be communicated transparently on Vakanala website. The first trees will be planted arround September, when the first rain drops.

Today I am thrilled to announce that Vakanala have been chosen to participate in the GlobalGiving  Green Open Challenge for July 2010.


Global Giving Green

Between July 5 to July 30, 2010, Vakanala will be working to raise a minimum of $4,000 from at least 50 donors to fund a plant nursery, which will guarantees the sustainability of our reforestation project in Manambolo. Check out our project design:

This amount will ensure a permanent spot on GlobalGiving’s website, which would allow us the opportunity to grow greatly and expand as an organization.

With all the economic sanctions that our country "Madagascar" is facing, especially from European Union, from African union and from US . Also, because of the economic recession, we have planned to succeed our project with "crowd funding" approaches and mobilize resources outside institutions. We have also worked on the scales and will work from  small but sustainable developement project at the time..

How Can you help ?

We know that you can introduce us to a program that helps to fund startup organisations or simply donate to us via our Global Giving web page. Your help is very much needed ... and will be appraeciated greatly. In addition the project that gets most support or from the most donors will win up to $ 10 000, so every donation counts! And I am counting on you all!

What is GlobalGiving?

The website Global Giving allows philanthropists to establish a direct contact with organizations in developing countries to effectively participate in their activities either through donations and / or expertise.

GlobalGiving is an organization that helps organizations like Vakanala to mobilize supports for their work in communities worldwide by offering a Web page and online tools to help them raise funds online.


"Vakanala" means " Pearls of Forest" in Malagasy language.

Vakanala, is a nonprofit organization based in Antananarivo that has set a goal to preserve the many little fragments of primary forests of Madagascar with sustainable reforestation.

These fragments, the last remnants of natural forests which covered the Island before our era, are of paramount importance : it is first real sanctuary for the unique biodiversity of Madagascar, which is it last refuge, but it is also a natural resource vital to the survival of rural communities to which they provide many services, natural raw materials, natural storage of rainwater, soil fertility, fight against desertification, and many others.

Follow Vakanala on twitter @vakanala, join Vakanala Facebook Group or contact us by email. Thank you all for your continued support.


  • Luan Galani on 07th July 2010:

    Chuffed you got it. Congrats!
    A great initiative indeed.

  • Iwona Frydryszak on 07th July 2010:

    Congrats and thanks for sharing your thanks to other. It’s so easy to forget about countries like Madagascar… The news disappearing but the reality of the political influence stays. keep my fingers cross and I will follow your step.

  • Clare Herbert on 08th July 2010:

    Really interesting post. Cheers for it.

  • Hussam Hussein on 10th July 2010:

    Ciao!!! Thanks for your post! smile

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