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Daniel Nylin Nilsson
Teacher (Lund, Sweden)

I am a dyed-in-the-wool blogger from Sweden, with a few years of experience from Southeastern Europe. I have no journalistic training per se, but on the other hand blogging for me has as much to do with creative writing as it has to do with journalism. I love to write, but live from other things, like care-taking, teaching, translating etc. And maybe this is the way I want it - as a blogger nothing is more dear to me than my independence.


What about Thailand?

Published 22nd April 2010 - 6 comments - 4833 views -

Al Jazeera reports that at least one person has been killed by rocket fire against protesters in Thailand. An entire world expects a bloody outcome, and have been watching tensions rise for over a month, without in any way interfering. How is this possible?

I find it outright absurd - think whatever you like about the red shirt protesters, but their demand today is new parliamentary elections. Is this not preferrable over blood shed in the streets? Is not free parliamentary elecions, overseen by international observers the only solution that the international community could accept? Still we here nothing about international  pressure on the Thai government to accept this demand.

Of course Thai politics should preferrably be dealt with in Thailand, but isn't this a special situation, where foreign pressure would be called for? If the international community's voice can change anything, it is a shame not to use it now, before we count the dead in hundereds.

Thai woman crying  Picture: (cc) REUTERS/Sukree Sukplang

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  • Hemant Jain on 22nd April 2010:

    Indeed, what about Thailand…
    And Burma
    And many parts of India
    And Pakistan
    And Palestine
    Daniel, you are a very kind hearted man. We need more people like you in this world.

  • Andrea Arzaba on 22nd April 2010:

    International pressure could be a way to change this situations…starting campaigns, let people know that we are with them and we DO care!

  • Daniel Nylin Nilsson on 22nd April 2010:

    Thanks, Hemant. There are many places around the world… it is actually hard to understand when the internatinalcommunity does involve, and when it doesn’t - that is a topic that really deserves a whole blog post.

    @Andrea Yes, this is the way forward. We should keep building and expanding our contact networks - when we know each other we will care about each other.

  • Lara Smallman on 23rd April 2010:

    And Iran… the media neglects a lot of countries. It’s up to us to raise awareness and not let people forget what’s going on around the world

  • Daniel Nylin Nilsson on 08th June 2010:

    @Lara It seems taht what gets a lot of media and polticial attention is often decided by geopolitical concerns, rather than values. Since the west doesn’t really know what to do with Iran, they don’t act, and do not report enough.

  • Sylwia Presley on 25th July 2010:

    I feel the same so many times…

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