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Jodi Bush
PhD Student (Herts, United Kingdom)

I've had a longstanding interest in human rights, socio-economic development and the environment, and am currently undertaking my PhD in politics at the London School of Economics.


Will we be judged?

Published 09th April 2010 - 3 comments - 1791 views -

When pondering the discrepancies between the developed world and developing world, one wonders where it all went wrong. How have humans ended up building a world based on massive inequalities? And more than that, how do we knowingly let the situation persist?

For a long time I've felt that one day the current generations are going to be judged harshly for the gross injustices that persist across the world. Mainly because for the first time there is no way of pleading ignorance. We see it reported on our TV’s, and splashed across our newspapers, we hear it broadcast on our radios and debated over the internet.

We can shut our eyes and our ears while chanting "na na na na na", but it's there and we know it. The fact we choose to do little or nothing about it is pretty unforgiveable.

The question of why, is complex. It's something that's already been debated on this forum - apathy, disregard, wilful ignorance, prejudice, uncertainty... the possibilities go on and on.

I don't have the answer, but I am certain it is something that future generations (perhaps even our children) will look at and consider unforgiveable.

Bottom line, we need to take action. Each and every one of us, small actions and big actions. There is no excuse for not getting involved, or for not demanding change. 




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  • Lara Smallman on 09th April 2010:

    A very important question to ask. it got m thinking about whether we can live with ourselves knowing we have failed to act:

  • Jodi Bush on 10th April 2010:

    Yes, that’s the flip side isn’t it. If we’re still alive when history judges us, how will we face that as individuals? If you’ve personally done everything you can then your conscious is clear, if you’ve put your head in the sand then it will be pretty uncomfortable.

  • Lara Smallman on 12th April 2010:

    Hi Jodi, what’s your email ad? -got something to send you!

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